A reader from Scotland writes to describe how, he believes, chemtrails have caused his asthma to return after 40 years of being asthma free.  He also describes the “tree die-off” he is witnessing.  “I have never before seen such a ‘tree die-off’ as I have this year,” he writes, “something is being sprayed into the atmosphere which is selectively pathogenic to growing things.”

Another reader writes to say he is pleased that chemtrails are being publicised.  “We get them almost daily in West Wales,” he writes, “I do find this whole thing most distressing.”

To The Exposé,

I felt compelled to write to you after seeing two other reports of chemtrails from your readers to comment on the chemtrails over southwest Scotland.

On 16-17th June I suffered from asthma for the first time in over 40 years after spending some hours outside tending to my garden and grounds. I’ve been outdoors since and experienced nothing at all.

The 17th of June was particularly bad.  Within minutes of being outside in the mid-morning, I had a painful burning, sore sensation in my throat and chest.  The asthma occurred that afternoon and evening – as quick as that!

What’s more the next day, following a little rain overnight, everything – the car, solar panels, window sills etc, etc – was covered in a whitish-grey thick film.

Also, I have never before seen such a “tree die-off” as I have this year. Trees which should be in full bloom at this time in the season have yellowing and brown (burnt looking) leaves on them. Every cherry tree I have is now poorly and/or dying. My main cherry tree is 10+ years old and is now struggling. The tree started the year perfectly – and began to bloom. But in the spring, I started to notice problems and now it is not doing well at all (dying and curled, brown/black leaves). Other trees planted this year are also suffering such as the newly planted hybrid poplars which are supposed to be vigorous, hardy and fast-growing trees.

It seems to be deciduous trees which fare the worst. Early this year I also planted commercial crop trees such as Sitka spruce, Norway spruce and larch. However, these are all thriving.

We see chemtrails here all the time. Some single trails even go at right angles!

Before I moved to Canada 20 years ago, I would plant trees here in the UK and they all would thrive – none of this yellowing and leaf die-off in their peak growing times and certainly, none died. On my return from Canada to here in Dumfries and Galloway 5 years ago – having planted trees on the first year of my return – I started to notice similar problems with the trees. However, I don’t think it has been as bad as this year for die-off. Even a neighbouring farmer mentioned in passing that he had never seen so many trees in such a poor condition as they are now.

Forget the conspiracy theories.  There is no question or doubt in my mind from the evidence of my own eyes – and especially after the experience on 16-17th June – something is being sprayed into the atmosphere which is selectively pathogenic to growing things –including, I’m sure, humans.


Al, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Note from The Exposé: Last month we published the article ‘UK Government Does Not Deny Chemtrails Exist’ in which we highlighted that the Government does not deny chemtrails exist, they simply deny that the government is deploying Solar Radiation Management (“SRM”) and have no knowledge of chemtrails in UK skies.

To The Exposé

I am very pleased that you are exposing the fact that other people are at last noticing the chemtrails. I have been photographing them going back as early as 16th February 2018. We get them almost daily in West Wales. Recently I have also noticed that there is a peculiar smell.

I would refer you to Dane Wigington’s website and his documentary ‘The Dimming’*. I hope people will find this illuminating!

I do find this whole thing most distressing.


Druid, Wales

*Note from The Exposé:  We published an article in September 2021 titled ‘What Governments Know, The Adam and Eve Story and Climate Change – We Need to Talk About the Causes of Climate Change’.  Towards the end, we included a section on geoengineering which ends with Dane Wigington’s documentary ‘The Dimming’ embedded.  There are several other resources listed at the end of the article such as ‘Chemtrails Project UK: Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering’, a project with the aim to raise awareness of chemtrails and take action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification.

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Letter to the Editor: Chemtrails Over Scotland Cause Asthma and Chemtrails Occur Almost Daily Over Wales