Khazars and Kyiv – Kagan their king. Khazars, the Turkic word for Nomad, were bankers, and child sacrificers.

Here is a fascinating account of who were the Khazars.  They practised Babylonian black magic.  Child sacrifices.

Why did they take up Judaeism?  Arabs to the South belonged to Islam.  Christianity to the North.  They went to Judaeism to avoid conflict with both.

Originally Turks.  Not from Israel or The Middle East.  They were defeated in 12th century and  migrated to create a diaspora called the Ashkenazi Jews.

They are not really Jewish – scholars call them name stealers.

They infiltrated the Jesuits, and many other organisations.

They changed their name to Phoenicians – from Carthage (Venetians) – the Black Nobility – including the Medicis – became Popes.

They helped the Turks to take over from Constantinople to create the Ottoman Empire.  Ignatius Loyola formed the Jesuits.

The Illuminati – Masonic Lodges under Francis Bacon, the Elizabethan Plantaganets – all part of the Black Nobility.

The Knights Templar were infiltrated by the Black Nobility.

The Khazarians have taken over all of Europe, all Royals,

The Breakspear family operated out of Hong Kong – orchestrated Mao Tse Tung.  The CCP.  Offshoots of the Black Nobility.

Massive fracturing and infighting going on – multipolarity.

Russia?  Royals – Romanoff were usurpers, helped by Khazarian mafia to overthrow the Kievan Russe.

Peter The Great changed Russian history – many interesting details.  Recommended.  US history a Freemason project.

All original US rich families and most Presidents were based in Virginia.



4 Responses to “Khazars and Kyiv – Kagan their king. Khazars, the Turkic word for Nomad, were bankers, and child sacrificers.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    An excellent very informative conversation, thanks Tap. I really enjoyed listening to them both, particularly Poormina

    And what they say about the Kazarians fits with what I’ve read elsewhere. It also serves as a great pointer to some of the things that Eustace Mullins said in his book, “Curse of Canaan”. I had difficulty in interpreting Mullins book when I read it recently, but this lady makes it all much clearer for me. I will probably revisit the book because there is so much info in it

    Her opinion about the current split in the global elites is also fascinating, and fits with my instincts as to what is currently going on. I certainly hope that she is correct about that, powerful forces definitely need to oppose the mad Davos/western elite plan that will enslave us all if it succeeds

    • Tapestry says:

      Yes Pete. I only listened to half and would love to do the rest if we get five minutes. For the first time I found I could follow the Khazar history narrative as she gives so much detail. And it fits like a glove onto current events.

  2. Gordon says:

    A lot of good information in the above video adds to what we here on The Tap have learned over the years and adds weight to our knowledge base to who the real Khazarian Jews are.

    See also:
    The Talmud

  3. seanbeannua says:

    Rothchilds really began making money on the Napoleonic wars – they are rich on blood money; mostly nothing else; and have funded all wars since; in fact are behind those that arrange wars for benefit