James Corbett – Reflections on 15 years of reporting – what I’ve learned

In the 30 min video James fleshes out /explains the points which are summarised below. Number 8 is a good reminder. Numbers 11,12 and 14 are particularly interesting as he describes how misleading headlines and videos can be ( video clips for instance ).


15 Things I’ve Learned in 15 Years

1. People don’t fundamentally change when they “wake up”

2. Almost no one is actually anti-war nor actually pro-freedom

3. People want to be ruled

4. Everyone’s your best friend . . . until you say something they disagree with

5. Most people think this is a spectator sport

6. People do not rationally arrive at conclusions, they “feel” something to be true and then rationalize why their feeling is correct

7. The more you learn, the less you know

8. You should be more confident with what you do know

9. A certain section of the public is truly incapable of understanding satire or identifying sarcasm

10. The most important research is dumbed down when it becomes widespread

11. People get their “news” from headlines

12. People absolutely judge books (videos) by their cover (title and thumbnail)

13. You can’t wake someone up who’s pretending to be asleep

(see How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family? – Questions For Corbett #065)

14. Everyone thinks they are EXPERTS at breaking down video “evidence”…but they’re all wrong

(Case in point: Upon Meeting A Friend for the First Time)

15. The Library of Alexandria is on Fire