It’s Happening – We Only Have Three Months – David DuByne – Adapt 2030

David DuByne is the creator of the ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age 2105-2035 video series and Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast. I was a former coffee buyer in N.E Myanmar around Pyin Oo Lwin and when coffee farmers told of cold weather damage to plants with top leaf kill, decreased bean density and the need to over plant by 13-14% to balance cold damage and die off in the farms, I went looking for answers.

David was a full CO2 warming believer, so it seemed strange that there was cold damage so near the equator in the country formerly known as Burma. I began to look for answers and it didn’t take long to find evidence that the Sun drives our climate and we are heading into another Grand Solar Minimum with profound effects on global food production. This stark realization that food is the base for society and by 2023 there will be global food shortages, at that point I had two choices, lie to myself and go back to sleep or bring truth forward.

In this video at about 11 min David explains that American wheat farmers have contracts which they will be unable to fulfill in September and December, for which they can be fined, and this can bankrupt them; then Blackrock will come in and buy up all the farms.  He also discusses the unusual weather across the globe, and the waste of fresh produce in Australia.


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  1. ian says:

    I don’t believe these weather events are anything normal, Grand Solar Minimum or otherwise. The assholes who control things are able to control the weather, and I would suggest that this explains all non normal weather, including the fact that where I live, we are currently pulling in cold air from high up on Scandinavia bordering Russia. Not a traditional late June phenomena.