It’s crucial to understand what we’re up against

Wood, Mercola: It’s Crucial To Understand What We’re Up Against
My interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola is the most comprehensive coverage of the problems we face with Technocracy, Transhumanism and scientism. If you want to get up to speed in a few short hours, listen to both videos, read the article and download the transcript of the interview with Mercola.
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Whitehead: U.S. Government Is Waging Psychological Warfare On The Nation, Weaponizing Everything
A certain marker of war is the presence and use of psychological warfare to confuse and dominate the enemy. It is unfortunate that we have been declared the enemy and rampant psychological warfare is leveled at us with every new barrage of propaganda. Technocracy defined itself as “the science of social engineering” as far back as 1938.
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