Israel is preparing for a major war

Israel is preparing for a major war that will determine if it can survive an onslaught of missiles and various attacks from Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian territories, and Iran.  Israel’s time is running out since it’s number one supporter, the United States and to an extent Europe is in a financial crisis and at the same time, both are involved in a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.  Since the US is most likely to enter into a full-fledged war that can go nuclear against Russia and China, we can say that the Israelis are preparing for an all out war for its survival just in case Washington cannot afford to send them any more military aid for its defense.

Once the war with Hezbollah begins, missiles will begin pouring down on Israeli cities and towns killing civilians and military personnel.  “But the ultimate goal of the exercise was to simulate halting Hezbollah rocket fire on Israel amid a major escalation, through a ground offensive in Lebanon. According to military officials, the only way to achieve such a goal was to be “significantly present” in the areas where attacks are being launched from, keeping the enemy far from the border.”  Israel is considering a ground invasion into Lebanon according to The Times of Israel which claimed that “the Iran-backed Lebanese terror group has long represented the IDF’s most significant military threat, with an estimated arsenal of nearly 150,000 rockets and missiles that can reach anywhere in Israel.”  They admit the consequences of such actions against Hezbollah will result in their cities being targeted with thousands of rockets “According to a recent military assessment, Israeli cities could be bombarded with 1,500 rockets a day and the death toll could quickly reach into the hundreds should war with Hezbollah break out.”  The IDF says that Lebanon will also suffer from the deaths of thousands of its own citizens including Hezbollah fighters.

Israel’s longtime dream of expansion and total dominance of the Middle East is reflected in The Yinon Plan, The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.  Israel sees itself as a Jewish state under God, a group of people that was chosen with a plan to expand its power throughout the Middle East, according to the Israelis, they are justified because they are God’s chosen people.

Iran is the Ultimate Target for Israel

A new war in the Middle East will obviously gain the support from the US and its European allies which will add fuel to the fire.  Democrat warmonger and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez has just called for an end diplomacy and nuclear negotiations with Iran.  “It is time to tell the Europeans – who[m] we have shown good faith with, that we were willing to enter into what was hopefully a stronger and longer deal – that the Iranians are not there” Menendez asked “How is it that Iran is in a position to advance by leaps and bounds and somehow, if it wasn’t good enough by the end of January, how could it possibly be good enough by the end of May?”  According to the Newsmax article ‘Top Senate Democrat Bob Menendez: Time to End Diplomacy with Iran’ reported that Menendez called on President Biden to “snap back sanctions and/or participate in multilateral efforts to sanction Iran.”  He did not stop there, he also “urged the White House to target Chinese purchases of Iranian oil that are worth millions of dollars.”  A powerful democrat and a Zionist supporter, Menendez “emphasized the need to create a military deterrence against Iran’s hostile activities” and that “the United States has to demonstrate that we have the will as well as the military capabilities … to defend our people and our interests.” It seems that his people and interests are in the state of Israel.  The US is on board to protect Israel at any cost even if it means sending more US troops into the Middle East.

A new world war is closer than ever before, hopefully Israel can come to its senses and realize that any military action will further increase tensions between them and all of their Muslim neighbors, but it is up to the hawks in Israel who really don’t care about the consequences of any war they start.

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As Russia edges closer to defeating the US-NATO backed Ukrainian military and its neo-Nazi battalions, a new war in the Middle East will take center stage, perhaps a repeat of the 2006 Lebanon War that Israel started, which will lead to a wider war with Syria and Iran.  The Times of Israel published ‘In Cyprus, IDF runs drills for potential war with Hezbollah, Lebanon ground assault’ reported that “The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday wrapped up a major military exercise in Cyprus, simulating a military ground offensive deep inside Lebanon in a potential war against the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group.”  Keep in mind that Israel also conducted military drills a day before Cyprus as the Associated Press (AP) reported that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were “simulating airstrikes on long-range targets, a thinly veiled reference to a possible attack on regional rival Iran” and that “the Army said the exercise took place a day earlier over the Mediterranean Sea and “involved long-range flight, aerial refueling and striking distant targets.” It provided no additional information.”

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Timothy Alexander Guzman writes on his own blog site, Silent Crow News, where this article was originally published. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.


2 Responses to “Israel is preparing for a major war”

  1. Occams says:

    Israel is tough. And they’ll prove it by fighting to the last American soldier

    • ian says:

      Very true Occams. Without the US, Israel would have ceased to exest long ago without the US.