Is Putin dead or alive, asks the western media? He really doesn’t care….

From Igori Ilyn in Moscow.

When we read the western media and different articles, analytics reports and so on, we are surprised how far western experts of politics and analysis are from understanding Russian reality and mentality.

Some days ago we read in western media that Putin is dead!
Now he is winning the economic war.
I think that western politicians and media must decide whether Putin is alive or dead.
He himself really doesn’t care though!

Игорь Ильин


3 Responses to “Is Putin dead or alive, asks the western media? He really doesn’t care….”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    When I visited Russia in 2019 then our guide told us an old USSR joke. He said that he USSR always had 2 main newspapers, Izvestia [News] and Pravda [Truth]

    The running joke was: “There is no News in Truth and there is no Truth in News”

    This is so apposite to our situation now isn’t it. Like the totalitarian USSR then we have no choice but to use the same guiding precept that Russians used under Soviet communism:

    All communications from media, politicians, public officials and their string pullers are LIES, unless conclusively proven otherwise

    • ian says:

      I’m completely in agreement pete. It’s been like that for a long time.

  2. Gordon says:

    The last I saw of Putin on 9th May Victory Day Parade he looked in very good health contrary to a western media article which stated that he had cancer and had only months to live.

    It will be a very worrying day for the world the day Putin resigns, dies or is taken out. The western wolves are already at Russia’s door huffing and puffing to blow their house down.