In Portugal, Covid Will Cause More Deaths in 2022 than in 2020… with 94% of the Population Vaccinated

ER Editor: Whatever ‘Covid’ is, we are painfully aware of our inability to say what it is and, by the same token, to say what constitutes a ‘Covid death’. However, it is clear that the (most) vaccinated continue to suffer from this thing, as well as from other illnesses. And Portugal stands out as one of the most vaccinated countries, now with a higher death rate than in 2020 when ‘Covid’ was fresh out of the gate minus the injections.

Laurent Aventin uses a useful phrase below – ‘vaccine Covid’. We’re fine with that. It’s not clear, however, if the deaths are due to ‘Covid’ or blood clots, strokes, cardiac arrests, etc.


In Portugal, Covid will cause more deaths in 2022 than in 2020… with 94% of the population vaccinated


The vaccination policy against Covid in Portugal (as elsewhere) is a total fiasco but no one denounces it, not even the people in charge of epidemiological surveillance. The Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, which since the start of the pandemic has been modeling its evolution, announces more deaths from Covid at the end of June 2022 than during the whole of 2020. But does not question the vaccination schedule, nor do the health authorities in the country. Illustration of national and global denial.

As of June 8, 2022, Portugal had a total of 4,903,798 infections and 23,479 deaths from covid-19 according to the Lisbon Faculty of Sciences. The country, since the start of the epidemic, will reach five million infections and 24,000 deaths in mid-June and 25,000 in July. The pattern of deaths shown below does indeed show an upsurge in 2022.

Source: produced using information from John Hopkins University

The BA.5 sub-line of the Omicron variant would be the cause of the epidemic wave that has affected Portugal since April/May 2022 while the country was already hard hit in January and February 2022 as shown by the curve of new cases of Covid below.

Source : JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data

Among the 23,479 cases of death recorded on June 8, 2022 since the start of the epidemic, more than 90% occurred in people aged over 70 and in the 6th wave (May-June 2022), 93% of Deaths affect people over 80.

A largely vaccinated Portuguese population

The curve below shows that at the end of May 2022, more than 94% of the Portuguese population received at least one injection and 86% a complete vaccination schedule (3 doses). Herd immunity should largely be achieved. This is not the case, and in 2022, Portugal – whose vaccination rate is among the best in the world – is in the second world position of the countries most affected by the epidemic after Taiwan.

By February 2022, we had already done extensive work showing the links between mass vaccination and the resurgence of what we called vaccine covids . The case of Portugal only confirms our analyses.

Source : Our world in data

Carlos Antunes, from the Lisbon Faculty of Sciences, explains: “This means that mortality in 2022 will be much higher due to covid-19, which is a shame because we already have vaccines and boosters that leave us more protected than what we were at the start of the pandemic”. (ER: Say what??)

Two comments are in order on this statement:

  • The comment “it’s a shame” is not scientific, the researcher does not question the vaccination policy and its contested effectiveness.
  • His explanation: we have vaccines that have protected the population. But the information he gives says exactly the opposite: more deaths in 2022 with so-called vaccine protection than in 2020 when there was no vaccine. Admittedly, other factors come into play, such as the scale and dynamics of the epidemic or the virulence of the circulating strains, but his remarks run counter to common sense.

What do we observe through these elements of language? Simply that it is not possible to question the vaccination policy even if the epidemiological data justify a serious questioning.

For Carlos Antunes, it would seem that without vaccination, the situation would have been worse, a hypothesis that has become an indisputable postulate when all alternatives to vaccination have been voluntarily discarded, starting with ivermectin treatments whose Efficacy has been proven around the world but refused by the WHO and all member countries. Everything has been done so that no other strategy is implemented, making any strategic comparison impossible. As for the non-vaccination of the populations, would it have made it possible to avoid deaths? We can answer YES with regard to the countries of Africa which have been slow to receive the vaccination and which have not recorded the deaths of the West in 2021.

The institutionally ignored failure of the vaccine policy

Carlos Antunes even confirms vaccine ineffectiveness since he states that 14% of people with Covid in Portugal in the last two days have been reinfected. What is the proportion of vaccinated among these 14%? This is not specified. What is the share of unvaccinated, single vaccinated, double or triple vaccinated? Why is this information not communicated when it is essential to draw reasoned conclusions.

How can we imagine that a vaccine which was defined on the basis of the initial strain of Sars-Cov 2 from Wuhan can be effective in the 6th wave  … and even in the second since the virus has mutated.

In fact, it is changing faster than the ability of the pharmaceutical industry to produce vaccines, were they effective and they were not. Moderna has already announced the production of a new, more conclusive vaccine against Omicron (according to Moderna’s tests and not those of independent organizations) which can be produced in August 2022. It is a decoy, the strains which are at the origin of the current epidemics are already variants of OmicronSo we start the same mistakes again with the complicity of our leaders; there has been no public health logic in this policy for two and a half years and obviously in the months to come since the health authorities will be giving marketing authorizations for ineffective products, which are still experimental and whose dangerousness has been demonstrated on many occasions (see file entitled “Covid: from the low effectiveness of vaccines to their toxicity ”).

The European Union is preparing to pursue its massive vaccination policy, yet epidemiological data show the failure of this policy. So why sink into denial? Give the illusion of doing something? No, the conditions for improving the clinical care of patients would have been enough and they are deteriorating, as in France where the staff who refused vaccination were taken out of the healthcare system and where the elimination of hospital beds continues. Funny way to “wage war” against Covid…



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