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iEarlGrey has Some Choice Words for British Mercenary @Aiden Aslin – Rant Warning

11,264 views 8 Jun 2022

The realisation that you have run out of friends must be painful. Aslin claims the British government “isn’t doing anything” and “russian speakers” are being mean in the comments of his videos. Aiden.

Man up, stop begging people who have forgotten you exist. Start revealing the TRUTH about Ukraine according to your experience, EVEN IF IT MAY UPSET the likes of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

The people you are moaning can’t or won’t help you now.


“And Legal Support For All”: https://youtu.be/MyUo58ZUlGc

“Shifting the murder blame full version (surprising ending)” – Story of the DNR Soldier who survived attempted murder at the hands of one of Aiden Aslin’s Comrades in the 36th Marine Brigade – https://youtu.be/SE_7b5dg5Z4

“Waiting For The Trial”: https://youtu.be/yM3INFlWTkM