Hang fire on the executions. Put the mercenaries on air. They will undermine western narratives.

The mercenaries captured in Mariupol were fighting in the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR in Russian) where mercenaries face the death penalty. The fighters holed up in the Azot industrial area of Severo-Donetsk are actually fighting in the Luhansk Peoples Republic. There may be a difference in the legal consequences of being a captured mercenary, but as I understand it, the death penalty applies there as well. Russia on the other hand (if fighting on Russian soil) does not have a law to execute mercenaries.

If a foreign national goes to Ukraine to fight against the LNR or DNR, it makes little difference whether they become members of the Ukrainian armed forces, or not. The British government is waffling to hide their own role in this. The mercenaries went there to fight against the Donetsk people in the DNR/DPR and the law is entirely explicit.

Yesterday about ten civilians were killed and thirty wounded by artillery around the City Of Donetsk, some fired with British equipment using British ammunition, thoughtfully provided by the British government, and not one round was aimed at a military target. The Russian government has been making it entirely clear to Britain what the consequences for our folly in doing all this will be. Shooting a few mercenaries by firing squad will be the least of our worries.
Russian spokesman challenged lies of western media

Russia can strike Britain anywhere they like within the terms of the ultimatum sent to the Minister Of Defence (Wallace) on the 13th April 2022, the terms of which he didn’t bother communicating to the British media.  He should resign.

Aiden Aslin one of the condemned mercenaries says he was conned by the media and was unaware of the risks he was running. If the British Minister Of Defence keeps vital information from the public, Aiden is entirely correct in saying he was misled. He was deliberately misled as are all the British mercenaries fighting in Luhansk and Donetsk. They will have little idea about who they are fighting, or why, and will have no idea that their actions could lead to the war arriving in Britain, maybe killing their own families back home in a revenge missile strike. RAF Welford was hit on April 14th though this too was not reported in any media, and is subject to a D Notice.

Such considerations will not be bothering LPR and DNR soldiers or Russians who are no doubt looking forward to a few thousand firing squads, and the obliteration of as many British (French and Americans) idiots as they can lay their hands on.  But hang on.  These mercenaries provide a great media opportunity – alive.

Aslin should be kept on air by the DNR and given every opportunity to explain to the world how wrong western media narratives are about Ukraine. His execution can wait. He is a great opportunity to swing the world against NATO.

Same goes for the captured American (US) mercenaries – but even more so.

Exclusive: US fighters ‘captured’ by Russian forces in Ukraine (msn.com)

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