Germany Threatening to Jail Independent Journalist Reporting From Donetsk.

15 Jun 2022 “⚡️

The German government is fighting against freedom of speech.

I am a free journalist who covers the special operation in Ukraine.

They are going to sentence me now to 3 YEARS IN PRISON for telling the truth⚡️

According to current German law, it is only allowed to publish one-sided information that benefits the authorities.

Anything that goes against this unwritten law is punished by the biased judicial machine.

But: The independent blogging community is ready to resist censorship in the West. 👉 I continue to work in Donetsk. If you are interested in the special project I mentioned,

email me at:

My channel: @neuesausrussland”



2 Responses to “Germany Threatening to Jail Independent Journalist Reporting From Donetsk.”

  1. Aldous says:

    Germany – like most if not ALL western nations – is a Zio-occupied country.
    Most right-minded (and unjabbed/face diaper rejecting) Germans will absolutely HATE their so-called government.
    Every morning I wake up and ask my long suffering wife if Sleepy Joe/Bo-Zo/ Macaroni/et all are dead yet but she always disappoints me as if I could give a damn.
    She always consoles me by saying: “Take heart my dearest because tomorrow is another day!”

    The Ukraine – Gone with the Wind? – 2:42

  2. danceaway says:

    Your wife has a good sense of humour!