Gas/petrol prices Thought for the day (mainly UK though applies universally)

#  The price of petrol is now (up to) £2 per litre (8 June 2022)

# The government blames the war in Ukraine for pushing the price of oil to £96 per barrel

# In June 2008 the price of a barrel of oil hit £109

#  But petrol was £1.19 per litre???

# When you fill your car it now costs on average £100 per tank of which

£35.84 was for production and wholesale costs
£9.71 for bio-fuel content allowance
£3.92 retailer profit
£1.12 delivery cost

£16.67 VAT
£32.74 duel duty
both payable to the UK Government

This is 50% of the cost.

The higher the price the more money the government makes.

We are being ripped off by our own government.

That’s why there are doing nothing to help you!

Wake up

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