3 Responses to “Doctor blows the whistle on Chemotherapy”

  1. danceaway says:

    I gather from the accents that this is in the US.

    In the UK it has been illegal since 1939 to prescribe anything other than chemotherapy/radiation/surgery. Hence the imprisonment by the govt and MHRA of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer for producing GCMaF. And the murder of the doctor in the US who was successfully using the product for a multitude of conditions. Over one hundred holistic doctors have been murdered in the US ( Erin Elizabeth keeps a record ). And Dr Carrie Madej has just miraculously survived a plane crash – one cannot help but wonder if it was an assassination attempt for her work on exposing the jib jab vials contents – she was one of the first to raise questions. She had been chased out of the country a few years previously because she did not adhere sufficiently to Pharma protocols, and only returned at the onset of the “pandemic” because she felt compelled to use her knowledge to help.

    • ian says:

      Great points danceaway. The David Noakes, Lyn Thyer case, should be broadcast from the rooftops. There are many cancer cures and other cures too, which allow all the parasitic elite b4stards live till they’re fat as bulls and a hundred years old. Kissenger, Soros etc. It boils me up when they’re collecting for cancer research, with a picture of a chemo’d bald 5 year old with it’s parents. The CEO of the Cancer charity is running round in a company BMW on £200,000 a year with BUPA and last salary pension, while they could cure all the cancers if they wanted. We’re just cockroaches to them.