Carnage in the name of care. Are the vvvv’s making us ill?


Every age or culture has its mythology.

Ours, in part at least, has had for the past century or so The Myth of the Miraculous Vaxadiddle a sweep of whose holy needle vanquished woe from the land.

Or did it? The myth is in danger now of evaporating like an ice sculpture at high noon.

The video below, for instance, reports on a mind-blowing new study from the practice of Dr. Paul Thomas in the USA.

Published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, it reveals some damaging statistics that bring the whole “over-v*** the hell out of everybody” scam into even more urgent question.

The pharmaceutical-industrial con-plex’s CVVV psyop over the past  two+ years has truly blown up in the faces of the perpetrators in that it has galvanised millions of people into looking closely at the whole flawed vaxadiddle paradigm.

And when people really start to LOOK rather than take the blandishments and outright lies of the industry’s mouthpieces at face value, they discover that there is much that is very very wrong, if not outright homicidal about the whole operation.

Dr Thomas’ painstaking and conscientious comparison of the health of vvved adults and children compared with unvvved adults and children amounts to one startling revelation after another. It could not be more timely because it and exposés like it come at a time when the political-pharmaceutical crime syndicate is in overdrive in its efforts to inject even more poorly researched, mis-portrayed and booby-trapped biochemicals into millions of people.

Instead of simply addressing or refuting Dr Thomas’ findings, the US authorities yanked his licence instead. This has not shut him up, of course and simply made more evident the corrupt establishment’s  complicity in what is fast taking on the aspect of carnage in the guise of care and one the deadliest scams in history.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the hair-raising comparisons that merge from the study.

Illness – Vvved / Unvvved

  • Chronic Conditions    60% / 5.71%
  • Arthritis                        16.67% / 0%
  • Heart Disease              48% / 0%
  • Diabetes                        10% / 0%
  • Asthma                          7.7% / 0%
  • Autism                          2.5% / 0%
  • ADHD                           9.4% / 0.47%
  • Cancer                          6.0% / 0%




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Carnage in the name of care. Are the vvvv’s making us ill?