Britain wants WW3.

The three MP70s multiple rocket launchers being supplied by the UK are celebrated in the Daily Express with the words ‘Checkmate Putin’.   Not another ‘game-changer’.  This one’s a ‘checkmate’.

Putin was interviewed on TV.  Should Ukraine hit Russian territory using these, Putin will hit back.

Medvedev went further, saying they would hit ‘decision making centres’ – meaning Washington, London and Brussels.

RAF Welford weapons depot was hit by a missile on April 14th exploding its contents, sending smoke and shrapnel across the M4 which was closed in both directions.

Obviously Russia will have to do more than this to get through the media and enable British people to realise they are being attacked for supporting Ukraine with weapons and troops.


2 Responses to “Britain wants WW3.”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough

    (+ Whitehall, Tavistock Square and Vauxhall Cross)

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Note how the US have deployed puppet Pilgrim Boris to manage the strings of sniffer Zelensky. thus deflecting blame from the theatre directors in the US.

    This makes the UK a sacrificial target serving US interests.

    Who is “the enemy” ?