As “Conspiracy Theories” Become FACTS, Soon The “Catastrophic” DEATHVAX™ Truth Will Be Officially Acknowledged, All By Design

WHO chief ‘believes Covid DID leak from Wuhan lab’ after a ‘catastrophic accident’ in 2019 despite publicly maintaining ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’

The Communist war criminal that was embedded to run the WHO always knew that COVID was released from the Wuhan Virology Lab.

And how could one of the key puppet players in the PSYOP-19 depopulation and control One World Government scheme not have known?

Director-general Tedros Adhanom confided to a senior European official: source

This was purposely floated by Tedros early on well ahead of the planned narrative shift that will purposely expose the DEATHVAX™ as the deadly slow kill bioweapon that it always was. Of course, the CIA-run MSM will not admit the bioweapon part, but they will issue mea culpas along with BigPharma, WHO, WEF, UN, FDA and all of the governments and their apparatchik politicians that were so busily pushing these deadly injections.

But concurrent with Tedros’ “private” confiding was him toeing the official head-fake narrative:

WHO initially branded lab leak fears ‘a conspiracy theory’, accepting China story 

Said propaganda games and associated acknowledgements were always part of the technocratic PSYOP-19 play, and the ultimate concessions to the deadly surging “all-cause” mortality truths on the ground will be perfectly timed off of the convergences of PSYOP-22, PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION-22, PSYOP-FAMINE-22, and PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH-22.

At that stage the citizenry will be so decimated, dejected and demoralized that they will quite literally be primed for the next social engineering phase of taking up arms against their governments and puppet leaders. And that is when the One World Government will swoop in and attempt to consolidate full control by offering solutions to the very problems they manufactured.

We are already seeing Pfizer’s CEO Bourla and the likes of Fauci both doubling down on more deadly injections AND simultaneously issuing veiled mea culpas. These useful idiots will all be sacrificed when the time is right by their handlers to prove that they are on the Genetically Modified Humans side, and that they too were lied to and can now this time really be trusted.

The head of the World Health Organisation privately believes the Covid pandemic started following a leak from a Chinese laboratory, a senior Government source claims.

While publicly the group maintains that ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’ about the origins of Covid, the source said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), had recently confided to a senior European politician that the most likely explanation was a catastrophic accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, where infections first spread during late 2019.

The Mail on Sunday first revealed concerns within Western intelligence services about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where scientists were manipulating coronaviruses sampled from bats in caves nearly 1,000 miles away – the same caves where Covid-19 is suspected to have originated – in April 2020. The worldwide death toll from the Covid pandemic is now estimated to have hit more than 18 million.

That 18 million figure is primarily due to deadly hospital protocols that murdered anyone with the flu, common cold, pneumonia and C-19 alike, as well as lockdown depression, suicide, overdose, undiagnosed and untreated diseases and famine. The actual “covid” cases perfectly gibe with your average flu season, except “mysteriously” there were no flu deaths during the “pandemic”. The global death rate for 2020, year of the “pandemic” was 0.76% which is identical to non-”pandemic” years 2018 and 2019. And who can forget that when alleged C-19 deaths in the USSA hit 600,000 the CDC quietly put an asterisk by that number admitting that “covid only deaths” as per actual death certificates were 5%, or a mere 30,000 C-19 only deaths which also “coincidentally” perfectly gibed with seasonal flu mortality rates.

But the Wuhan Virology Lab that is next door to the wet market could never have been the origin of a bioweapon virus that had in its sequence “inexplicable” HIV and TB insertions, yes? It’s a bat soup event, yes? Even “experts” like Tedros who are NOT doctors, but, rather, Communist war criminal butchers back in his native Ethiopia, could figure that one out. If only he needed to figure anything out.

The WHO was initially criticised for its deferential approach to China over the pandemic, as well as a willingness to accept Beijing’s protestations that claims of a laboratory leak were just a ‘conspiracy theory’.


The QR code social credit score 1.0 slave nation of China was always in on the PSYOP-19 scam from day 1, having not only closely coordinated with the NIH but also the CIA and Gates (i.e. the Rockefeller cult eugenics foundation), et al.

However, in the absence of any compelling evidence of ‘zoonotic’ spread – the process by which a virus leaps from animals to humans – it is now adopting a more neutral public stance.

Dr Tedros updated member states on the pandemic this month, admitting: ‘We do not yet have the answers as to where it came from or how it entered the human population.

Reminder, Tedros is NOT a doctor. And he is still playing the “we do not yet have the answers” game ahead of the inevitable admission not that he was always covering all of this up, but, that, yes, indeed, it was in fact a lab release, but not by the WHO, WEF, GAVI, UN, FDA, CIA et al. No, it was merely an honest yet sloppy lab mistake and as such was an “accidental” leak.

Expect this identical pattern to repeat when these same players “admit” that the DEATHVAX™ is in fact deadly and should never have been approved, ever. And that the EUA was only done because they “care” so much about humanity and only ever genuinely wanted to save the world.

And expect this identical pattern when the One World Government comes in to save the day against all of these so called “doctors” and “experts” that got everything so horrifically wrong. But all of these crimes against humanity “judgement errors” will be righted so long as you the posthuman slaves take just another Modified mRNA injection so that your your social credit score will be met such that you will then qualify you for your CBDC UBI payments and be allowed to purchase the rationed items in your Amazon shopping cart along with all of the other “privileges” in this your posthuman dystopian horror show future.

Read the rest of the scammy Daily Mail UK coverup article: WHO chief ‘believes Covid DID leak from Wuhan lab’ after a ‘catastrophic accident’ in 2019 despite publicly maintaining ‘all hypotheses remain on the table.



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