Another US Food Processing Plant Spontaneously Goes Up in Flames


June 15, 2022

Yet another food processing plant has spontaneously caught fire — this time it’s a frozen pizza factory in Portage County, Wisconsin.

Another US food plant bursts into flames
Another US food plant bursts into flames

An American Red Cross report says they rushed to provide food and water for the more than 70 firefighters from nearly two dozen departments that were required to put out the fire early Monday morning.

According to Stevens Point Journal, the fire was first reported at roughly 9 am, with billowing smoke spreading out several kilometres east and northwest. Some departments cleared the scene at 4:30 pm, but the fire wasn’t completely extinguished until 8:45 pm, nearly 12 hours later.

The Fire District says the fire began in the compressor room for the refrigeration and stemmed from a problem that arose during maintenance. No employees were injured.

This isn’t the first — and likely won’t be the last fire at a food processing plant. Indeed, there have been several in just the last few months.

But it’s not just food processing plants catching fire that’s troubling, especially during a time of food inflation. Poultry at meat producers is being destroyed at an alarming rate, usually due to barn and factory fires or avian flu.

In early April, 46,000 turkeys had to be killed in Barron, Wisconsin, due to an avian flu outbreak.

Another flock of 53,000 in Beadle County, South Dakota, had to be killed that same month.

On May 3, 13,800 chickens had to be destroyed at an Oklahoma farm for the same reason.

72,300 chickens had to be killed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, just a week later.

And there are several more instances.


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11 Responses to “Another US Food Processing Plant Spontaneously Goes Up in Flames”

  1. ian says:

    There’s a bleak winter coming. Have you got supplies to last a couple of months or more?, and can you protect it. Starving people will kill for it.

  2. danceaway says:

    I have seen this coming for many years. Ian R Crane recommended we have three months supply of food, and that was before things really kicked off.

    I keep suggesting this to my overseas relatives who think I am nuts. Woe be them.

  3. newensign says:

    Yes, its most important to have a good stock of food. Here in Sussex, UK, there are some self help groups which have been set up recently – there is a “Grow Your Own Food” who have acquired some land for members to grow their own vegetables. Also we have an alternative health clinic using natural remedies. Not only that, a home schooling centre which already has 240 children under its care. There is a Common Law group, looking to eventually set up their own Police (Peace) Officers. I think it is imperative that we take back control of our own Parish communities as used to be the case, some centuries ago, in the days of “Merry Old England”!

    • danceaway says:

      What a lovely part of the UK, as well, in which to be organising to take back the community, as you say. Warm climate, quite arable land, healthy benefits of having access to the sea, seems quite ideal! Hope the home schoolers don’t come up against the Schools Blll and associated problems. Katy Jo on UKcolumn was talking about this; she is a home schooler, and I would not be surprised if she is in Sussex…..she’s a re al ball of fire, and a few like her would make quite an impact.

      • newensign says:

        Yes you are right Danceaway, Hope is in Sussex just up the road from me and I know Kati Jo. I went to their common law symposium. If one is a Common Law Company and not registered at companies House, then the government regulations don’t apply, nor does tax and VAT! The South Saxons of Sussex are rising up!!

  4. Gordon says:

    And so the cull begins.

    3000 Cows in Kansas USA Fall Over Dead

  5. danceaway says:

    I have seen subsequent reports of it now being ten thousand cattle lost?

    • ian says:

      Yes indeed, and although the video posted by Gordon, says that nobody knows the reason, it is just too conveniently in line with everything else happening just now, not to be government implemented, eg directed energy weapons or the like.

  6. danceaway says:

    newensign, how wonderful that you are in that very group and know Kati Jo! Lucky you!

    And so interesting about the common law aspect. I will have to keep my eye on that, as my daughter home schools. Brian Gerrish et al are involved in the British Constitution Group and New Chartist Movement, so now I am beginning to see the link up with Kati Jo. That is excellent news.