Alex Christoforou – Turkey, Sticking it to Putin, Who is in Charge in Biden White House?

Kurds have been thrown under the bus by Turkey: take notice, Ukraine. This is what the collective west does when it serves their purpose. Erdogan has displayed a masterclass in negotiation, right up to the last minute before the Nato summit opens. Finland and Sweden left embarrassed and now target No 1 for Russia.

G7 oil embargo via price caps agreed, but details a bit hazy. Seems to centre around controlling the insurers. Price fixing always works!?  No one sells at a loss !

NATO to place 300,000 troops in Estonia – they will be sitting ducks.

Very large shipment of chemical suits etc to Ukraine: expecting FF from Ukraine and West.

Jake Sullian  de facto US President when it comes to foreign policy. Sullivan, Blinken, and. Nuland controlled by Hillary; she runs the State Department. She is another Madeleine Albright; no number of deaths of Ukrainians is too many, so expect continued policies of escalation.

Expect Sullivan to pressure Erdogan to turn on Russia ( in Spain for NATO summit )

Media preparing public for Ukraine to lose territory. CNN

Clown world – Moldovan president and Zelensky both first language Russian, but spoke English when they met; PR optics.