Alex Christoforou tries to discuss the “news” without laughing at the ridiculousness of it all – and fails. Monday 13 June.

Nato’s new Ukraine strategy – the narrative is no longer defeat Putin, but fight to the last Ukrainian to keep as much territory as possible when it comes to negotiating with Russia; give it three or four weeks and the narrative will change again.

Crazier and crazier goings on in the US; beginnings of public rumblings of replacing Biden; inflation is the fault of the Jan 6 crowd.

UK putting pressure on Ukraine to do an exchange for the two British mercenaries. UK seems to have a huge amount of influence in Ukrainian matters.

Weird picture of the Queen holding a missile on her shoulder; Queen seems to be a favourite.

Prince Andrew asking for his titles back and for daughters to be working royals.

Court Jester suggesting that Russia and Ukraine might team up and invade Europe; making fun of Nato as toy soldiers.

The news is so bizarre it is difficult to take it seriously, but it is the news.


3 Responses to “Alex Christoforou tries to discuss the “news” without laughing at the ridiculousness of it all – and fails. Monday 13 June.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    According to MI6 data, which were transmitted to the European Commissioners and MEPs, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 1.06.22 are 176 thousand killed and 41 thousand seriously wounded without the ability to return to the Theater of Operations, about 38 thousand are considered missing.

    According to the BND and Polish intelligence services, which were shown at a closed briefing before the NATO summit, Ukraine’s losses in killed on the battlefield plus concomitant civilian losses exceeded 210 thousand people by 10.06.22.

    According to estimates of NATO experts, as well as on the analysis of the NSA, which monitors social networks and special groups of mothers-wives-native Ukrainian soldiers, losses range from 110 thousand to 197 thousand people, where the proportion of dead and missing is 45% to 55%.

    The loss of military equipment and ammunition, as well as new types of weapons and unmanned aircraft is 73%, and the shortage of fuel and lubricants has increased to 58% among BTG at the front line

  2. Tapestry says:

    Those figures seem well sourced, Sovereigntea, but they also appear to be on the high side. Wounded to killed ratio is usually 2:1 in war or has that relationship changed? POWs of the Russians were about 8,000 when last reported. I could believe 50,000 killed and 100,000 wounded tops, but even that seems high in a war that’s lasted only just over 100 days. Do the missiles, the thermobaric weapons (flamethrower rockets) and other weapons cause casualties far faster than in previous wars? If so you would imagine Russia’s losses also to be rising as western weaponry is increasingly deployed. British killed total in WW2 was well under 500,000 and that was over six years, fighting on many fronts.

  3. danceaway says:

    This is incredible information. And to think that they all know this and are covering it up. They are making excellent progress in wiping out the Ukraine population so that it is empty and waiting to become the new Isreal. Now wonder Alensky and BJ are so “hand in glove”.