Alex Christoforou Monday Morning Update; several important topics covered

Macron loses majority in parliamentary elections; another coalition collapse in EU.

Germany and Greece firing up coal in spite of green directives – see the writing on the wall.

Scholz wants to change voting for EU membership; no more unanimity necessary; too many candidates now; how far will EU expand?  All the way to China?  EU will now take anyone; losing exclusivity; looking for corrupt politicians who will exploit their population. EU a neo-liberal project to enrich globalist class.

UK General Saunders – goal to fight and win war with Russia.  History shows that is not a very good idea. Strange level of hysteria in UK. Daily Mail Over The Top Scaremongering Headline. Ukraine war has brought out the Russo phobia of the UK elite class. What does Ukraine have to do with the UK? Does UK have some sort of treaty with Ukraine? In interview Lavrov’s response to Johnson and Truss wanting to bring Russia to its knees was, “Go for it.”

Lithuania’s blocking of Kaliningrad not very well thought out. Russia will find away around – planning to use ships instead. But Lithuania will suffer in the end as Russia will eventually find an asymmetrical response. Russian spokesman has said this is “testing the waters.” Poking the bear to see how far they can push Russia.