Alex Christoforou covers a lot of ground in his humorous Wednesday morning update –

Biden accuses big oil of being “sensitive”.

Each so called “leader” ( EU/UK/US ) worse than the next.

Kiev “summer hot spot”. Checking up on their “investment” like a landlord or franchise owner? Want to be sure their funds are ok?

Germany declares they are in “Gas emergency Stage two”

Lithuania and EU busily shifting blame; now apparently Lithuania has suddenly become a “sovereign” country making its own decisions: nothing to do with us! Just implementing sanctions “regime”. Lithuania ratcheting up tensions; road transport now included in ban.

Russian oil rig attack; was it spite when another attack on Snake Island failed? Frustration, rage, or even incompetence?

Canada proposing legislation to confiscate frozen Russian financial assets; “to rebuild Ukraine”, ie put in our pockets. Terrible precedent.

Ursusla – Turkey now farther away from EU membership than Ukraine.

Poland and NATO seem to have “protection” of western Ukraine on their minds.

The game changer for Ukraine; genome robot; Alex shows video and describes the attributes it apparently possesses.

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