A puzzling question answered

June 10, 2022

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth at this chimpout on the NY subway whereby women were terrorised by a wildin’ jogger. Horrified commentators demanded to know why “real men” on the train didn’t come to their assistance. Even Douglas Murray took the opportunity to blast ‘demasculinised’ men for their inactivity. Now that’s a bit strange coming from Douglas, being as he is a poofter of some renown. But he was but one part of a horrified chorus asking broadly the same question.

Well as luck would have I think I can be of help here. For a start the number of real men has declined significantly, a fact supported by the collapse of male testosterone levels in America by a staggering 30% since 1980. Whether or not Serena Williams took it all is irrelevant, the fact is that today’s male is on average a much-reduced specimen in terms of, well, toxic masculinity, compared to his counterpart of forty years ago. By the way I’ve written extensively on this phenomenon in the old blog and am certain that the decline was masterminded as a byproduct of Agenda 2030.

However let us assume the presence of one ‘real man’ in the carriage. Let us further assume that this real man has his head screwed on. That being the case he’ll be well aware that rescuing the damsel in distress places him in a no-win situation. For a start, this being NY he will, as a law-abiding citizen, be unarmed. The same constraint does not apply to the guy chimping out. So by intervening he runs the serious risk of being knifed or shot. He also knows that were he to somehow disable the attacker he’d be in a heap of trouble. You see the attacker is black and the white knight will inevitably be White. You won’t get black passengers preventing a brutha’ havin’ his way with a White beetch. Can you just imagines what a black Affirmative Action DA, advised by slimy lawyers (whose names end in “stein” or “berg”) would do with that? The rescuer knows: The perp will walk while he finds himself up on a charge of “excessive force with racist overtones”. It will be classed as “White vigilantism” and nothing – nothing – scares the effete urban nation-wreckers more than that. Quite likely the perp would not alone walk but get compensation while the white knight gets fined or even jailed. And what of the victim’s gratitude? Don’t take that for granted. The unfathomable convolutions of the female mind are such that she’d likely turn on the rescuer and side with her attacker. Just ask any man who has intervened in a case of domestic violence if you doubt me.

Any would-be rescuer would also wonder why the new empowered woman would need help from a man. A White man at that. Remember the lady who claimed she needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? We’re all equal now. You asked for equality sister and this is what it’s like. Chivalry is dead, sisters, and feminism killed it. Which in itself raises the question as to why the women in the carriage also stood by during the attack. Why didn’t the equal sisters do their sisterly duty in the face of such gross toxic masculinity? It’s a good question and the only conclusion we can draw is that strong empowered independent women want the benefits of equality but not the downsides. Which is why you see so few women working as miners or block-layers.

1950s America

In the final analysis pervasive societal decay underlies this dismal spectacle. In 1950s America that jogger would have been taken down in the blink of an eye. But that was then, this is now. In the USA and indeed in most White countries what had hitherto been socially cohesive societies are no longer socially cohesive or even societies in any meaningful sense. There is no longer a ‘we’ – instead there’s a fractious, atomised mutually-hostile collection of races and cultures with the core population driven into imminent minority status, discriminated against in terms of employment, education, law enforcement and freedom of expression while their heritage gets endlessly trashed by the political, media and academic establishments. And of course berated for their ‘White privilege’ (once known as ‘working for a living’) which when you unpack it means being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by blacks who accept no responsibility even for the acts of their own children!

Yet they are forced to sustain a vast and rapidly-growing parasitic welfare class which gets goaded by the nation-wreckers into believing that they are in fact the victims of their unwitting benefactors. Everything is now upside-down, subject to Satanic Inversion. Men become women, women are men, depravity is celebrated, art and music become travesties of their previous forms, maths and science are ‘racist’ because blacks can’t master them. How can Whites, White men in particular, invest themselves in such an abomination? But by withdrawing they are unwittingly hastening national suicide, or more accurately national murder, the murderers being a people who have themselves never fitted in anywhere and whose only real threat comes from a cohesive resistance of blood-and-soil-bound heritage Americans.

So sorry ladies. You asked – and voted – for this. No longer our struggle.