A Pox on All Their Houses

The Gaming of the Monkey Pox

The platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 of inglorious rule by the ‘royal’ imposter and head of Crown operations known as Elizabeth II, is being held against a palpably false backdrop of national pride and  an outbreak of monkey pox that is sweeping the nation. Said pox is a condition wherein blisters appear on the skin and it is being portrayed as infectious; a point which does not appear to be hampering the preparations of another tacky homage to a deeply flawed Crown Corporate House of Windsor. It is, of course, a gargantuan piss take. How predictable, therefore, to find out that a ‘simulation exercise’ took place in 2021 in which a model of a pandemic was put into play:

The Facts:

  • A table top simulation for a monkeypox outbreak to occur in May 2022, was held in 2021.
  • A virus strikingly similar to COVID-19 was the theme of a table top exercise in 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Note, exercises like this do occur a lot in preparation, with nothing to follow, but the accuracy and timing is striking in these cases.  Source.

In other words, it has all the hallmarks of another tedious false flag operation.

It is a fact that I am old enough to remember the silver jubilee of 1977. Even to my younger self, it was an utterly empty show of ostentation. I experienced the same perception with the Royal wedding in 1981; in fact, I have consistently seen nothing worthy of celebration when it comes to anything pertaining to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha which is nothing less than the false psychological and spiritual imposition of a foreign entity of  inter-generational control over an engineered population of sheep. A nation of sheep that, despite being fleeced and genocided for decade-upon-decade, is too lacking in the brain capacity and spirit to bring an end to it. Nevertheless, I cannot recall any of my generation buying into it. Little wonder the Sex Pistols, ‘God Save the Queen’ took seed in the then-fertile minds of the rebellious youth of that era.

Having said that, just this morning, I did get into an exchange with a bloke in the butcher’s shop. He is evidently of a similar age to me and was spouting the usual guff about how the Royal family are ‘good for the economy’ and that the Queen herself is a ‘good woman’. Naturally, I made a joke about Prince Andrew paying off a woman for 12 million quid for something he did not do. I also suggested it was a fooking disgrace to be blowing so much printed paper and/or digital credits at a time when people don’t have two ha’pennies to rub together. I also suggested he would do well to look behind the curtains of the blatant pantomime that gets rolled out to the people.

QE II: 70 years on the throne

So, as we roll into the current holocaust Jubilee – reportedly costing some £1.3 billion in phoney digits, at a time when inflation and other forms of theft are being deployed against a shell-shocked population, that is adrift in zombie-like states of Mass Formation – I say, appropriately and in a timely fashion,

a pox on your house, Elizabeth, for not only are you a treacherous pretender to the throne who has many times broken her covenant with the people to ensure its laws are preserved and rightfully implemented, your very platinum jubilee is a fraud in so far as it does not do as it is reputedly intended:

a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity: [as modifier] : jubilee celebrations.

Judaism (in Jewish history) a year of emancipation and restoration, celebrated every fifty years.

• (in full Jubilee Year) a period of remission from the penal consequences of sin, granted by the Roman Catholic Church under certain conditions for a year, usually at intervals of twenty-five years.

ORIGIN: late Middle English (as a noun): from Anglo-Latin incumbensincumbent-, from Latin incumbere lie or lean on, from in- upon+ a verb related to cubare lie.

How appropriate that the term’s etymology means to ‘lie’ when the entirety of the Royal Family’s existence is predicated upon lie after lie.

Were she in any regard a benevolent monarch, whose primary concern was the well-being of her people, she would implement a true jubilee which would lift its populace out of their fake debt and beyond the tyrannical reach of the WEF and its criminal diktats. But no, that’s never going to happen when the traitorous occupiers of her house, or the corporate entity known as ‘The Crown’, are in league with these foreign entities. The House of ‘Windsor’ and all its incumbents, sycophants and beneficiaries are nothing less than traitors. A Pox on the lot of them.

A Pox on Both Your Houses.

Furthermore, and whilst I’m at, let us wish a Pox on the House of Rothschild, an octopus entity of deception and enslavement, whose slithery tentacles also extend into the Windsor House of Mirrors. Anyone who pretends the two houses are not connected would do well to ponder this:

The latest fake existential threat known as Monkey Pox has been modelled and played out by a cadre of genocidal lunatics. However it appears that Monkey Pox is a blistering skin condition brought about as a side-effect of the death-shot, as pushed out by Her Maj’s Criminal Gov.

As a lad, on rainy days,  my mates and I used to enjoy playing board games like Monopoly, Escape from Colditz and Striker. In our heads, we could be greedy capitalists, brutal prison guards, courageous escapees and hot-shot footballers.
I grew out of it by the age of 15 and, whilst I did load a number of 10ps into Space Invader machines, I never had any interest in computer gaming.

When life is a series of fake reality tunnels, whose dimensions and conditions have been determined by the programmers, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of ‘nerds’ who still enjoy playing games in these artificial realities.

If it were not already apparent that those who operate in the spheres of public life – politicians, entertainers, lying media whores, treacherous criminal bankers, the Royal soap opera players, mealy-mouthed specimens of manhood like Harari, Gates, Tedros, Zelensky, Johnson, Justin Castreau, Dan Andrews, David Rothschild, Elon Musk (a short list off the top of my head) – are but actors in those artificial realms, the last 2 years of this hocus pocus AI-driven phoney fatal nonsense should have made it abundantly clear that these people are effectively lost in a doomed head-fook of Satanic inversion that they want to drag us all into.

WHO the fook do they think they are?

These emasculated coke-wombles are weak men and yet, somehow, as incredible as it appears to many, they have elevated themselves to positions whereby they can tell us what they have planned for the populations of the world,  as if it is  fait accompli: namely, total overarching control under the fake construct known as the WHO.

They will almost certainly try to introduce international vaccine passports, and pour funding into big Pharma’s pockets to produce “vaccines” ever faster and with even less safety testing.


But all of that could pale in comparison to the legal powers potentially being handed to the director-general of the WHO (or whatever new “independent” body they may decide to create) to punish, rebuke or reward national governments.


A “Pandemic Treaty” that overrides or overrules national or local governments would hand supranational powers to an unelected bureaucrat or “expert”, who could exercise them entirely at his own discretion and on completely subjective criteria.


This is the very definition of technocratic globalism.” https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/pandemic-treaty-will-hand-who-keys-global-government

My eternal gratitude to David R for his unrelenting support: it’s much appreciated, my friend.

Much respect to the excellent meme artist, Kieron Russ for the featured image.

A Pox on All Their Houses

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  1. ian says:

    Loved the picture, and the article. A though occurred to me the other day. If the smallpox vaccine is effective against smallpox and in turn Monkey pox, then if they roll it out to be taken by the masses, then smallpox is released, it would decimate the antivaccers. Just a thought.