12 Responses to ““A bad day” for Patrick Lancaster’s team as civilians are killed by cluster bombs”

  1. newensign says:

    It makes one feel so ashamed of our forces who are supporting the Ukrainian terror unleashed on none combatants in the Dombas. I understand that the Red Cross under the guise of checking that Russia was complying with the Geneva War Conventions were using children organs for transplants – also passing on to NATO details of Russian troop positions – this is an extract from a friends e-mail:
    On the basis of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the liberated Mariupol, documents were found that this humanitarian organization should not have had. What secrets did the organization hide under the cover of Azov militants??
    Among the papers found, for example, medical records of hundreds of children, who, as it turned out, were examined solely for the presence of healthy internal organs.
    What was found in Mariupol on the basis of the Red Cross, became known from the head of the People’s Squad, the creator of the project “CyberDonbass” Vladimir Taranenko.
    In his Telegram channel, he posted a video of the inspection of the former premises of the organization. The footage shows instructions on the creation of explosive devices and the use of weapons, materials on chemical and biological protection. But the most shocking finding was the medical records of healthy children.
    The Red Cross may have conducted ethnic experiments.
    At first, it was impossible to believe that this information was not fake or fake. But then the Investigative Committee of Russia reported that an inspection would be carried out on the revealed facts, the department would study all the discovered documents. There is no doubt that the Red Cross mission was far from humanitarian.
    In an interview with Tsargrad, military expert, retired Colonel Anatoly Matviychuk noted that the international Red Cross, just like all other international organizations, is extremely politicized and fulfills certain orders.
    I think that we will encounter more than once that they performed special biological tasks to select, perhaps, donor organs, perhaps conducted experiments on the introduction of promising treatments on people who are a certain ethnic group.
    the expert suggested. Many conspiracy theories can be constructed, but the facts show that the international Red Cross was involved as a kind of force influencing the development of the situation in this region.
    Investigators are already involved in the study of documentation, and the study should continue. And not only at the level of Russia, but also at the international level.
    It is very difficult, but it is necessary to deal with it, – Matviychuk believes. – At least within the CIS, within the SCO, within the CSTO, within the BRICS, these issues can be rolled out so that we can then act as a united front in the UN.
    First, the scheme for the removal of organs worked on the military, and then …
    Military expert Vladimir Yevseyev shared his opinion on the terrible finds at the Mariupol base of the Red Cross with Tsargrad, who recalled that the information that Ukrainian nationalists and, first of all, representatives of the nationalist regiment “Azov”* for a long time organized the delivery of human organs to Europe, leaked a long time ago.
    At first, the military was engaged in this: when some militant or soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was on the verge of death, someone contacted their relatives in order to obtain consent for the removal of this or that organ.
    – the expert reminded. Then, when this scheme was worked out, there was evidence that supplies of organs for transplantation began to appear, already seized from the civilian population. At the same time, the main attention was paid to girls and children.
    In fact, we have a confirmation that if Russia had not launched a special operation in Ukraine, then some of the children in the Donbass would have simply been allowed on the organs,” Yevseyev believes. – And this was done under the roof of the Red Cross, which should solve completely different problems.
    But why be surprised? The OSCE’s tasks also did not include supplying Ukrainian militants with intelligence information, which was then used to carry out strikes. But such facts are already known.
    Now it turns out that under the roof of the Red Cross they were engaged not only in the supply of weapons, but also in black transplantology, “continued Vladimir Evseev. – There is no definitive proof yet, but I agree that it is quite possible.
    This should be taken care of, firstly, by the Red Cross itself – they are obliged to conduct an investigation, check the involvement of their officials and at least disown this, and secondly, the investigative bodies of Donbass, the expert concluded.
    * Azov is recognized in Russia as an extremist organization and a lawsuit has been filed to qualify it as a terrorist group.
    Black transplantologists from the Red Cross. Mariupol continues to reveal secrets (tsargrad.tv)

    • danceaway says:

      Yes, I did see that video new ensign, but did not have the stomach to watch it. I have for some time distrusted the Red Cross, and found it disconcerting when they became involved in the Mariupol business. Red flags went up. let us say!

  2. ian says:

    Absolutely brilliant comment as always from Sov’. Odd though how the guy was smiling when his Mam and Dad were just killed?

  3. danceaway says:

    Perhaps because this stranger with empathy and compassion cared enough to come check on him and listen to him?

    • ian says:

      Yes possibly D’. I and more generally we are not used to dealing with these situations. All the recent crap has made me more cynical than normal for me even. Possibly I’m too cynical in some cases, however, I’m what I am. I do however appreciate the work that you’re doing, and hope that you don’t take any criticism of articles which you post, as criticism of you. I will never do that. Tap is the best site online in my opinion, because it allows comment. I’d never criticise the article poster.

      • danceaway says:

        Oh you mustn’t worry, Ian. I would never think of that. Everyone must be free to speak of the article without the poster being involved. There is even a disclaimer to that effect on the site, saying that the views of the article are not necessarily those of the person posting. We all put out what we spot for others to contemplate.

        As to Patrick’s videos, have you noticed the lovely way his camera man/driver steps in and speaks in Russian for him when he is having trouble getting across in Russian what he wants to say? It is always done so respectfully, and graciously accepted; they seem to have an excellent relationship and work together so well. Both are very compassionate human beings trying to help others. Another interesting thing is that most of the comments under his videos are in Russian, so it would appear he is reaching a large audience in Russia or Russian speaking areas.

  4. danceaway says:

    And another observation, at the end of their discussion on The Duran this evening, in which they were trying to work out just why the west insists on carrying on a fruitless war in which so many Ukrainian soldiers are dying, Alexander said ruefully, ” The only people who care about the Ukrainians are those who watch this channel.”

  5. Mick says:

    Whatever the real reasons for the US to continue the conflict for Russia in Ukraine, I would think it useful for them as an intelligence-gathering operation to observe every response of Russia to all that transpires there: how and when they respond; how many men they deploy; what units; what weapons they use; how heavy they go in; and maybe glean intel from compromised signals etc. Lots of things still to learn about Russia’s conduct of modern urban warfare.

    • Mick says:

      And considering America’s preference for bombing modern countries into the stone age, maybe the US isn’t just learning how the Russians do it, but maybe they’re learning themselves how they should do it; because if they start a war against Russia this is the type of warfare they’ll be forced into. Once Russia destroys their air force and deny them air supremacy, then to continue a war (which will probably be seen as a war of annihilation as the Nazis v. the Soviets was), this type of war is what they’ll need to master. I doubt they’ll master it, mind.

    • danceaway says:

      I think this is absolutely what “normal” people would be doing, Mick.

      But I really cannot classify Americans as “normal” in that they do not learn from others, they think their way is the only way, and absolutely superior. They actually look down on other nations and their people and see them as inferior.

      This is not always clearly expressed, as they can pretend to be friendly etc, but it is what lies behind everything they do and think. It is so pitiful.

      • newensign says:

        I would say it is not the real Americans, it is the Khazarian Mafia who control all the levers of power masquerading under various names. This is very convenient as their satanic crimes are assigned to the host nation and if one dare mention it, its a crime in most countries. We have been conditioned to think of nations as races, but are in fact administrative areas. They are frightened people will wake up to who the real enemy is, that is why it is almost criminal to mention the word race. No criticism intended Danceaway.

      • ian says:

        Good article danceaway and some really good comments, and I do like Patrick’s videos and his camera man helping out with the Russian. I just felt that it was odd that the guy’s mother was lying not covered, and that he was so composed. I do however hope I am never in a similar situation to find out how I feel.