Gas from Russia to Europe being increasingly cut – by Europe!!! Prepare for a very cold winter.

Russia is the number one exporter of oil to China.  The EU is talking of a price cap on gas at $80 per megawatt/hour.  If the EU does this, Russia will shut down all gas exports to Europe this winter.  Europe will depend on coal and nuclear power stations – many ageing.   Gazprom needed Nordstream gas pipeline equipment fixing by Siemens in Germany.  Siemens sent the equipment to Canada, where Canada refuses to send the equipment back to Germany as the trade is in breach of sanctions.  The equipment is still stuck in Canada and the Nordstream gas pipeline is cut off as a result.  Plus other great stories – or not so great.  All told with a smile on his face.  It’s a clown world, he says.

Douglas MacGregor3 hours ago
Germany is in a gas crisis, said the head of the German Ministry of Economy. According to him, gas consumption needs to be reduced wherever possible. By the way, Germany has two “Nord Streams” at its disposal. To bring the country to a gas crisis in such conditions is probably a talent.
Report on Bulgaria pro-Western government collapsing, Lithuania ready for anything acting under EU orders.
US Embassy in Moscow is now located at Donetsk Peoples Republic  Square…….after name change by Mayor of Moscow.   Russian sense of humour is still rolling.