Women Will Be Imprisoned for ‘Abortions’ Caused by Vaccines

In a recent article, there was a very alarming quote by an OBGYN regarding the massive uptick in uborn babies dying inside their moms.

Dr. James Thorp is an extensively published 68-year-old physician MD board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, as well as maternal-fetal medicine, who has practiced obstetrics for over 42 years.

“I’ve seen many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in fetuses, in children, offspring… fetal death, miscarriage, death of the fetus inside the mom… What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented.”

Thorp explained that although he has seen an increase in fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with the COVID-19 vaccination, attempts to quantify this effect are hampered by the imposition of gag orders on physicians and nurses that were imposed in September 2021…

The vaccines are wreaking absolute havoc on the reproductive health of women in the Western world, all by design.

Now, with the recent leak of the potential repeal of Roe v. Wade, it looks like big pharma could be poised to blame would-be mothers for these vaccine-induced deaths. Here’s how it could play out.

Abortion is already illegal in some states, but many more will follow if the SCOTUS actually repeals Roe v. Wade. Women are up in arms about this and discussing how they will turn to underground methods, which assuredly will become more widespread. Then if any miscarriage or other fetal death happens in a pregnant mom, she will automatically be blamed and arrested for aborting her baby, as it is sometimes impossible for a doctor to tell what killed the baby. Her social media posts, which could involve support for pro-choice positions, will be used as evidence against her. The woman will then be imprisoned and become a felon, losing many of her fundamental rights in the society, ushering in a kind of Handmaid’s Tale scenario.

Do not think this is far-fetched at all. The repeal of Roe v. Wade has been deliberately timed, and it might not just be to get us fighting amongst ourselves as our civilization collapses. This could very well be a way to cover up the vaccine deaths of unborn babies and shift all of the blame onto mothers who wanted nothing more than to give birth to their babies.

Never doubt the evil of those who rule over us.