USAF plane squawks and returns to UK base, from Romania, failing to reach destination.

USAF emergency: KC135 sends 7700 ‘squawk code’ before heading back to RAF Mildenhall

A UNITED States Air Force Boeing KC135 is heading back to Royal Air Force Mildenhall base after sending an emergency code.


United States Air Force plane (Image: Getty)

The aircraft sent out a squawk code, which is used to provide effective communication between air traffic control and aircraft. 7700 is the most well known of these codes and it is used to indicate an emergency. The nature of the emergency is still unclear.

According to, the Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker took off from the RAF Mildenhall air station in Holywell Row, UK, at 05:36 am today (Wednesday).

The initial destination is not known.

The aircraft appears to have flown to Romania, almost reaching Bucharest before circling above Brasov.

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28 Responses to “USAF plane squawks and returns to UK base, from Romania, failing to reach destination.”

  1. danceaway says:

    And that plane was loaded with???

    • BenBecula says:

      A KC135 is a tanker for in flight re fuelling

      • Tapestry says:

        Or simply a field delivery to aircraft where there are no other supplies of fuel – thanks to Russian interdiction. It’s another way to stop the supply line other than shooting down the plane.

  2. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I saw this in realtime on the app Flightradar24. It squawked twice and both squawks remain logged in the app. However they can no longer be viewed so it seems they’ve been removed.

    Yesterday, another NATO military aircraft squaked 7700, an Italian fighter jet (MM55069). It appeared to have made an emergency landing. As of now, it still remains viable in the app.

  3. Tapestry says:

    That’s interesting Ash. Please let us know when you see any more. The Russians can undermine the morale of their enemies doing this – us basically although I regard them as friends over decades knowing many Russians personally –

  4. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Will do. The app is free to use, if you want to keep track of it yourself. You can it up so that you get a notification whenever planes squawk 7700 or other squawk codes.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Do I need a mobile phone? I don’t have one!!! It get emf problems if I carry one and have not done so for years. Apps are something I don’t have….

  6. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    There are solutions available to run android apps on pcs. Google chromebooks can do so by default as can Windows 11. It can be done on Linux as well, in several ways.

  7. danceaway says:

    Can you not also track flights on line?

    I am quite sure a family member tracks flights this way, without a phone. Just for fun, so to speak.

  8. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Flightradar24 has a web app. Here’s the Italian fighter jet on the flight where it squawked 7700.

    The web app doesn’t seem to run well on all browsers so if the map doesn’t load, try another browser. For me, it didn’t work on Brave but loaded correctly on (Firefox derived) Librewolf.

  9. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Another military aircraft in trouble. A military training plane flew very erratically and squawked 7700. Seems to have lost altitude rapidly as well but I don’t know what happened as it disappeared from tracking at 3000 feet. In the UK, near Nottingham.

    Check out playback of aircraft ZM316 on Flightradar24.

  10. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    A Grob Prefect T1, registered to RAF.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Twelve miles from RAF Waddington. Radar jamming is very possible – and maybe on board systems jammed on the flight.

    RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire is one of the RAF’s busiest Stations as the hub of UK Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) and the main operating base for airborne intelligence aircraft and systems.

    Air ISTAR is the RAF’s eyes and ears in the sky and provides British and NATO military commanders with critical information about activity on the ground, in the air, and at sea.

    The Air Warfare Centre at RAF Waddington provides timely and contextual integrated mission support to front line commanders.

    The Air Battlespace Training Centre also prepares Service Personnel through demanding and immersive training scenarios across land, sea, and air.

    Approximately 3,500 Service personnel, civil servants and contractors work at RAF Waddington.

  12. danceaway says:

    Sounds like a busy place! And fully functioning??

  13. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Waddington did the target acquisition for the Mocva, which is why Russia bombed RAF Welford two days afterwards. At least Russia had the decency to issue an ultimatum. The British are typical cowards and prefer to keep everything hidden and under wraps while going out to kill people from many other nations from whom we have nothing to complain about. You feel that inevitably this tendency will or is coming back to bite us. Vote for the English Democrats who are willing to form a negotiating channel with the people we choose to illegally kill, and bring about a new era of peace.

  14. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Another one, guys. Military aircraft in the US, near an air force base near San Antonio, TX. It flew mostly in circles and dropped altitude fairly quickly. The tracking stopped when the plane had gotten down to around 300 ft having passed the base seconds earlier. It was estimated at over a hundred knots airspeed when the tracking stopped at 300 ft. Seems too fast to be a controlled landing attempt so maybe it crashed…

    Not sure if this could be the Russians doing it deep inside the US. Maybe it’s the globalists sabotaging Western militaries as they possibly see them as coup risks or at least that they would refuse to carry out their anti human agenda, like what we see them presently having done in China. Maybe they have plenty of NATO and UN loyalist drones to pick up the slack against us and Russia, if the Putin regime actually are true opposition.

    GOAT49 – Beech T6-A Texan II

    • Tapestry says:

      That would make a lot of sense Ash, a secret war against the military by the globalist government using technology that only they control. Is this also an attempt to demonstrate to the Russians what they could do at a later stage of this conflict. They will decide which planes can fly and which ones can’t. Meantime the RAF and USAF believe that Russia is attacking them on their home soil. Interesting suggestion.

  15. danceaway says:

    Tap, I can get Flightradar24 on Safari browser; had a look last evening. Hundreds of planes in the air, but nothing showing over Ukraine!

  16. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I took screenshots of the troubled USAF flight in San Antonio, TX. It was quickly removed from Flightradar24 but I captured the flight path and flight info.

    • Tapestry says:

      Great work Ashkenazis. Russia opened up on US/UK after issuing ultimatum on 13th April which was rejected flat by both. Putting the shits up the RAF and the USAF seems a great way to undermine NATO – if that is how this is happening.

  17. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Another USAF plane squawked 7700.
    A more valuable target this time; a Boeing RC135W surveillance aircraft. Seems it had a short flight. It didn’t catch it in real time and the playback had been removed already by the time I saw the alert.

  18. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Also inside the US, in Lincoln, NE.

  19. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I’m unconvinced that Putin and his regime is actually anti globalist. But it may be a way to distract
    patriots in Russian government and military from the holes in the Putin as anti globalist narrative and also rile them up to escalate and expand the war.

    Same goes in the US, where this is sure to be rattling and angering Neocons as well as the patriots they still have fooled (i.e. MAGA.)

    I think I’m getting pretty good at thinking like these globalist psychopaths.

    Another theory I came up with is about how they had their puppets and media drop covid psyop when the Ukraine psyop launched. I think the reason is partly to make the masses think the vax worked and that the governments kept their promise of “freedom” in exchange for jab compliance. Another reason would be that keeping up both the covid psyop and the Ukraine one at once would be risky. Psyops like these that are complete frauds need constant propaganda to keep the belief and fear alive. If you try to do two at once your likely not able to keep the propaganda streams strong enough or consistent enough to maintain the illusion and thus the belief and fear.

    If they’d try to keep up covid in a half assed way while running the Ukraine psyop, they would keep it in people’s minds while not hitting their minds with sufficient propaganda to keep the belief and fear alive. People may even start thinking for themselves and questioning the narrative if they’re not constantly being bombarded with propaganda and told what to think. Better then to drop it until they’re done with the Ukraine psyop.

  20. Tapestry says:

    I’ve noticed a slow up in the mysterious fires over Russia, which were getting quite frequent. Were they being caused by a directed energy weapon from space? These frequent ‘interferences’ with flights in the US and the UK seem to be occurring all over the place so they too might also be caused by a space located weapon which jams radars and electronic systems in airplanes. Unless the globalists are in a hurry to collapse western military capabilities, and for NATO to lose a war with Russia within six months, it would seem odd for them to be operating against the RAF and USAF. They obviously want Russia, China, Iran, India and all others brought to heel. It seems to me more likely this is a Russian or Chinese capability to freeze control systems in flights. I guess there’s lots of things we don’t know, but must trust in the forces of goodness to win out in the end of the day…somehow. Why did the US Sec Of Defense call Soigyu unless he was shitting himself about something? If China/Russia can terminate USAF capability from space, that would work.

    • TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

      The trouble with the theory of globalists wanting China, et al “to heel” is that, at least when it comes to China, the globalists are already firmly in charge. China was turned communist (a Talmudist Jewish ideology) by Jews. There’s evidence that Chairman Mao and many other top communists in the revolution and afterwards were, in fact, Jews and Masons or closely tied to them. Xi and his dad seems to have quite a bit of Jewish ties as well. Then there’s the fact that the globalists launched the whole covid psyop from China. How did they do that if they aren’t calling the shots there? China is clearly theirs. Even before covid they’ve been using China for slave labor and all the kind of evil anti human research they can’t get away with in the West. The brutality of the Chinese lockdowns (especially the second round) also shows that it’s not the Chinese in charge. Only Talmudists can be so cruel. The fact that Russia is closing ties with China (among other things, like Putin not seizing the Moscow central bank before the asset freeze) tells me that the Putin regime secretly works for the globalists.

      When it comes to whether or not it’s the globalists sabotaging Western air forces, remember that they do have their military commanders aggressively pushing the covid injections on their soldiers and airmen. And lots are clearly being incapacitated or killed by it, as well as many being dismissed for non-compliance.

      It seems they’re paving the way for sufficiently brainwashed UN and NATO reserves, as well as WHO “health” enforcement goons, to take over, possibly along with Chinese troops. However, I don’t think it would be Chinese troops as I think they’re setting the world up for a never-ending false east vs west cold war to use for control-by-fear on both sides, as in Orwell’s 1984 (which I now view as predictive programming as I’ve learned that Orwell was a member of the Masonic Fabian Society.)

      When it comes to Russia, i don’t think it’s very tightly in their control. While Putin may be theirs, I think a lot of the government and military is not as Russians are generally patriotic and it doesn’t seem feasible to have even a significant portion of government and military knowingly secretly work for the enemy. Most are deceived and think they’re on the good side, just like in the West.

      I think the NATO push towards the Russian border is is meant to bring about a hot war to break Russia and bring it under full control. To slaughter their patriotic soldiers, airmen and officers (aided by Putin, if he’s theirs, just like the Jewish central banker agent Adolf Hitler sent German troops to certain death) and then clear out ruling class and top military brass. Possibly they’d have Russia, aided by China (and India, as I don’t see how India could have slipped from globalist rule,) seemingly be able to fend off the invasion and remain ostensibly independent to fool their populace and to maintain a 1984-esque east vs west cold war illusion.

  21. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Are they going after airliners now. Airbus A320 seems to have swerved around erratically and then made an emergency landing, shortly after taking off from Manchester, UK airport.

    I don’t think it’s the vax as it would be extremely unlikely for both pilots to be stricken from that in just a few minutes and if it was just one affected there’s no reason why it wouldn’t just make a normal, controlled return to the airport it took off from. I guess it could be a technical malfunction but that’s extremely rare. Globalists have plenty of motive to hit airliners as well as military aircraft as they intend to abolish airtravel for the general public. That’s why they’re disabling or killing pilots en masse with the clot shots, which hit pilots and air crew even harder due to low pressure letting clots grow bigger (or so I’ve come to understand.)

    Check out playback of flight BY2772 from Manchester to Reus on Flightradar24.

  22. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    Iran is also under Globalist (Jewish) control. Islamism and the “Islamic revolution” was a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood, i.e. Freemasonry/Judaism for Muslims.

    Turkey’s Erdogan seems to be the same as he and his movement has strong Jewish and US ties. His actions as “leader” like banning opposition media and jailing or killing opposition journalists, activists and officials also has Talmudism/Cabalism written all over it.

  23. Tapestry says:

    You might be right Ash but the Russians did a great job frustrating the globalists in Syria. There is certainly a more complex picture emerging but why would anyone agree to being killed by the Satanic cults if they believe they have a chance of a better world. Pray for one at least. These tossers are probably not quite as clever as they think they are. Join the movement for peace, and the removal of the Satanic cults that think they win everything. Maybe this time they won’t as there are people aware – people like you…

    btw this report seems unlikely to be true –

    Despite search efforts by UK and French rescuers, neither the bodies of the two men, nor their aircraft have been found.

    But items from the plane have washed up on the French coastline, including a bag containing a flying licence of one of the pilots, logbook, other flight documents, a kneeboard and a crumpled passenger seat.

    It seems so unlikely to be true – logbook, licence and so on being washed up in a bag – so what lies behind this story? Just a fake to stop people from taking up flying?