US military instructor interviewed in Ukraine. Ukrainians amassing for an offensive in the South.

He’s in a city thought to be in the quieter side of the country, Kryvyi Rih – not far from Odesa which is most likely a place Russia will be looking at once the Donbass is secured.  Maybe a reception committee is being arranged for when Russia wheels south and east.

Details of 32 Battle Groups being assembled in this area being prepared to attack Russia in the Kherson region are given in this video Wyatt Lim from Defense Politics Asia.


2 Responses to “US military instructor interviewed in Ukraine. Ukrainians amassing for an offensive in the South.”

  1. Occams says:

    Well, there’s our ‘Khaki Heroes’ – ‘just following orders’.

    And people wonder why I don’t bow to the Military Gods here……

    • ian says:

      Me neither over here Occams. We have a community council round here where I live. Just a few locals of the useful idiot sort. They do some good but are mostly up their own arses. There are one or two undesirable types round here, not many, but junky types, etc. We have a nearby tourist place and so these local council retards decided to send everyone a letter telling us all to keep their property tidy. Really deep intake of breath, I told the chairperson that if they ever send me a letter like that again, I would personally insert it into the arsehole who wrote it. In addition, I said that they could polish the war memorial all they liked, they do, but leave me TF out of it. That bit miffed one of them and I got a letter about brave heroes. I told them, that I’d just finished reading a book called shot at dawn, about horror stories of shooting 16 year farm workers by firing squad because they believed the propaganda and signed up for hell on earth having previously never been outside of their village. I’ll cut it short, but I’m now viewed as a nutter that you don’t poke with a stick.