Update on Russian Military Operations in Ukraine for May 31, 2022 – Brian Berletic

35,747 views 31 May 2022

– Russian advances continue – roads out of Severodonetsk-Lysychansk cauldron under Russian artillery fire;

– Ukraine launches anemic “counter offensives” as political distractions from strategic catastrophe unfolding for them in the Donbas;

– Ukraine, Western media float notion of Ukrainian retreat in Donbas;

– Western media beginning to cover full scale of Ukraine’s continued defeat;

– Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) may still be sent, just not with long-range missiles;

– US MLRS have steep logistical needs, large physical footprint that will make them cumbersome, easy to spot and destroy;

– Other “wonder weapons” are being cleared off the battlefield in a similar manner, including most recently Italian FH70 howitzers;

– Javelin and Stingers will take years to replace;

– Nothing short of a direct NATO intervention will reverse course for Ukraine;



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One Response to “Update on Russian Military Operations in Ukraine for May 31, 2022 – Brian Berletic”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Zelensky’s legions appear near to collapse.

    “Javelin and Stingers will take years to replace;” LOL

    Stingers were last in production at Raytheon 19 years ago – Obsolete kit bet Zelensky paid full price on Ukraine’s credit card.

    MIC deplooyedd same trick in Korea & Vietnam

    Love to check the dates on the Javelin’s as depleted uranium would escalate disposal costs.

    Another major bonus for the arms trade being that all nations that provided equipment will now need to replace it with new NATO standard stuff supplied by Uncle Sam’s henchmen.

    Who owns the most Raytheon stock?

    Top 10 Owners of Raytheon Technologies Corp
    Stockholder Stake Shares owned
    SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 8.84% 131,752,873
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. 7.71% 114,929,317
    BlackRock Fund Advisors 4.86% 72,478,922

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    Lockheed-Raytheon JV wins $309 million Javelin missile contract from U.S. army (May 16)
    May 16, 2022·1 min read

    (This May 16 story corrects headline and paragraph 1 to clarify contract was awarded to the JV, not Lockheed.)

    (Reuters) – A joint venture between Lockheed Martin Corp and Raytheon Technologies Corp has been awarded two contracts worth $309 million by the U.S. army for its Javelin missiles, the antitank weapon that has helped Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion, Lockheed said on Monday.

    The Javelin missiles are made jointly by Lockheed and Raytheon’s missile unit.

    Demand for Javelin missiles remains high as the war in Ukraine worsens, where they were used to stop Russian tanks from advancing on the capital, to an artillery battle in Ukraine’s east.

    So far, the United States has sent more then 5,500 Javelin systems to Ukraine.

    The defense contractor added that the contracts include more than 1,300 Javelin missiles funded from the recent Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act and orders for several international customers including Norway, Albania, Latvia and Thailand.

    Lockheed also said that it is working to increase its missile production rate beyond the current 2,100 per year.