3 Responses to “Ukraine Military Update by Brian Berletic”

  1. Tapestry says:

    good find danceaway

    • danceaway says:

      I wish I had made the connection sooner! I have been reading his articles on ICH for years; he wrote as Tony Cartalucci. He would occasionally be interviewed by Patrick Henningsen on Sunday Wire, but it was a couple of months ago, (before 24 Feb) when on Sunday Wire again, he mentioned that he is now using is real name. He writes primarily about southeast asia, and told Patrick that he feels he should do it because no one else is doing it. I think he was once military.
      The first of his videos that I listened to is the one I posted the other day re the US surrounding China; I was blown away by his delivery and his fluency; I already respected his knowledge, but hearing him was just on another level, IMO!! I am so impressed, and interested to see how many followers he has and how complementary the commenters are; they really value him and what he has to convey. I bought him a couple of cups of coffee!!

  2. danceaway says:


    Here is one archive of Brian’s work on 21st c wire.


    More as Tony Carraucci.

    I had not realised what a vast amount he has produced!

    I am still looking for the most recent recent interview with Patrick Henningsen.