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“Great Britain has no constant friends or enemies but rather constant interests”, Lord Palmerston.


From this phrase, much becomes clear. Obviously, the third party that is taking a very active part in the conflict in Ukraine is the United Kingdom. Part of the conflict was provoked by London’s announcement of the construction of military bases in Ukraine in mid-2021. From the first days of the war, it was the United Kingdom that began to impose the most severe sanctions against Russia and urge other countries to do the same. During this time, Prime Minister Johnson Boris wrote down two appeals to the Russians, visited Kyiv, and is constantly in contact with Zelensky. Even Prince Charles spoke on behalf of Her Majesty before the British Parliament. And he promised to support democracy in Ukraine and help this country. London also sent hundreds of weapons to Ukraine.

But why would the UK support Ukraine? I can’t believe that this is being done free of charge as a gesture of goodwill. It must be understood that against the background of the unfolding crisis in the global economy, London needs to preserve its economy and possibly increase it. The service sector accounts for more than 70% of the British economy, the financial sector about 30%, and manufacturing no more than 18%. Now the financial, public sector, hotels and restaurants are under threat of collapse. More than 30% of the employed population! This is a lot.

Exports in 2021 amounted to$770.5 billion. However, the export of goods amounted to only 395billion dollars. The rest is the export of services: banking,accounting, judicial. Something that will definitely fall against the backdrop of a general decline in the global economy. This has been proven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top exported goods by the UK in 2021:

1. industrial production,machine tools, technological machines, reactors, boilers, industrial equipment – $67.6 billion, 14.7% of total exports;

2. precious stones and metals- $65.7 billion, 14.3%;

3. vehicles – $40.1 billion,8.7%;

4. mineral fuel, including oil- $33.7 billion, 7.3%;

5. electrical machines,equipment – $26.4 billion, 5.7%;

6. pharmaceuticals – $23.3billion, 5.1%;

7. optical, technical, medical equipment – $20.4 billion, 4.4%;

8. aircraft, spacecraft -$13.9 billion, 3%;

9. plastic, plastic products -$12.3 billion, 2.7%;

10. organic chemicals – $11billion, 2.4%.

Items 1,2,4,10 collectively account for 40% of all exports. It is for these goods that the UK competes with Russia. Export to European countries is more than 45%. Britain really needs to raise world prices for exported goods and get rid of competitors. The next step will be the collapse of the European Union and a new assembly in the interests of London. To do this, it is necessary to bring the EU into an economic and political crisis. To become the leader of the new Europe, the UK also needs to collapse the economies of Germany and France. The task is difficult.For this, several years are needed, which means that it is beneficial for London that the war in Ukraine takes on a protracted character.British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in late February that the conflict could take several years. Russia has strong troops, but Ukrainians are brave. These are her words. It may take 2-3 years to completely reformat Europe and become a leader. And it is very important that the conflict does not end. Faded, froze, but did not end.

It is interesting that the winners and losers in this war are not needed by the UK. What will London do with Ukraine, which has won the war and has long since lost its own economy. And then there is the debt, which is more than their own British reserves.

And some more specifics. The war in Ukraine was a real gift for British defense companies. BAE Systems is inundated with orders and becomes the central supplier of weapons to Kyiv: anti-tank NLAW, Brimstone missile, M777 howitzer.Therefore, the UK benefits from a long war.

But! London is also interested in a company from Odessa – Cryoin Engineering. It is a significant supplier of neon for semiconductor and chip manufacturers from the US and Europe. Another similar INGAS plant is located in Mariupol…Whoever gets control over Ukrainian neon will influence the global semiconductor industry.

Britain aspires to become the main one on the continent. Establishing control over Cryoin Engineering will be a serious trump card in negotiations with Washington and Brussels. And national production will rise. Without semiconductors and chips, BAE Systems products are metal.