Ukraine – A longer term view from Regis Tremblay

(369) The Way It Is – My View – A Commentary – YouTube

This is my view on the present state of affairs in Ukraine and geopolitically. The US has lost badly on the ground and politically in Ukraine. This is not a “proxy” war with Russia, this is a direct and hot war with Russia. There are lots of US and foreign boots “on the ground,” and $57 Billion already dumped on Ukraine to no avail. Simultaneously, the US threatens China in the same way: sanctions, a trade war with tariffs, and military threats. How insane can they get. Oh, it can get much worse. Realizing they have lost the epic battle for control of the world, will they take the whole world down with them in a nuclear Armageddon? That’s where we are today, May 28, 2022.  Regis Tremblay.