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Two British mercenaries to be prosecuted by DPR; Russians provide the information which is continually broadcast to assist shipping delays



2 Responses to “Two British mercenaries to be prosecuted by DPR; Russians provide the information which is continually broadcast to assist shipping delays”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Slaughtering civilians isn’t a great way to win favour with small nations like the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Why should they live? How many did they kill in cold blood? We will never know. The DPR made it quite clear at the start what the penalty would be for foreign mercenaries who were caught. Obviously you feel sorry for their relatives. They are not heroes as the British Press has suggested. They came needlessly into a killing war and killed. The war is none of their business, and none of Britain’s business. The British have been warned not to arm and train Russia’s enemies or face the consequences. We have already been hit – RAF Welford on April 14th was hit by a Khinsal missile destroying the RAF and USAF UK weapons store, closing the M4 in both directions, probably fired from a submarine. Fires with multiple explosions in Manchester and Redditch took out weapons shipments – probably by missiles. Britain should be negotiating with Russia and keeping clear of a war which cannot be won and only lost. We are totally mad to be involved. The Chairman of the English Democrats Robin Tilbrook is the only politician campaigning for peace, sending correspondence to Russia via their Embassy, as I understand it. Vote for the English Democrats and ensure that our young men are warned to keep out of Russia’s war. Russia sent an ultimatum to the British Minister Of Defence on April 13th stating that if Britain continues to arm, train or fight for Ukraine, there would be ‘unintended consequences’. The Junior Minister replied the next day saying that Britain would continue to arm and train with British troops inside Ukraine. The next day RAF Welford was hit. Not much made the media with the usual cover story provided – meteorite, fireworks etc. At this time of crisis Britain needs responsible leadership and there is only one man capable of doing that – Robin Tilbrook. Get campaigning while we can. You can’t say as with the mercenaries that we haven’t been warned. It’s interesting that so far Aslin has not been prosecuted. His defence strategy might be to reveal information about British Intelligence which in turn could be saving lives.

  2. ian says:

    The mercenaries no doubt think that being British will save them. Tough, I hope it deters others from going.