2 Responses to “Truth from a real doctor, not a paid for Pharma puppet”

  1. ian says:

    Would have been refreshing to see if it hadn’t been such a disgusting contrived tragedy. We must assume that there are many medical people keeping quiet for the preservation of their own income. I personally believe that their have been 5 deaths and oddly another five with heart problems caused by the vaccines. Bear in mind that I live in a small rural community, and I don’t really mix further afield so it’s a lot. I also know that not one of the events mentioned was blamed on the vaccines or reported as an adverse reaction. How many events like this must there be?

  2. Weaver says:

    It is the same in our village too, we know of at least four people that have been affected and one death. No one is talking about the fact it could be related to the vaccine and yet all of their symptoms developed a few weeks after having it.