Think this might be where the “monkey pox” came from???

May 20, 2022

The Commie Bullshit Never Ends

WHO Convenes Emergency Meeting As MonkeyPox Virus Goes Global

“I’m sure that ultimately this will be the largest outbreak of monkeypox that we’ve had outside of the endemic areas in Africa,” Daniel Bausch, infectious disease expert and president of the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene told Axios

That said, Bausch doesn’t think there’s cause for concern just yet.

“I don’t think there’s a reason for panic. I don’t think we’re going to have tens of thousands of cases.”

Prof Anne Rimoin, professor of epidemiology at the UCLA and a world renowned monkeypox expert, told the Telegraph that vaccinating close contacts of confirmed cases, also known as ring vaccination, is a good option for health officials.

She added that the public should not, at this stage, be too concerned.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I immediately questioned if this has anything to with the CDC lab monkeys escaping from the transport truck in Pennsylvania back in February.

So I dug into it and what I found was interesting and highly alarming.

I split it into multiple posts so I can attach all of the supporting links.
The United States government has ordered 13 million monkeypox vaccines from a European pharmaceutical company after a Massachusetts man became the first American diagnosed with the virus in the pox family in 2022.

(Could this be a factor? Credit Jim Stone)
2) A quick refresher. February 1, 2022, a CDC transport carrying 100 “possibly infected” lab monkeys, crashed in Pennsylvania and 3 monkeys escaped for a few days and eventually were caught and killed. The Monkeys were flown from Mauritius, a small island 400 miles off the coast of Madagascar, to New York, and were allegedly being transported by truck to an undisclosed “CDC Quarantine Facility”.

The CDC have been “tight-lipped” about what possible infections the monkeys could have been carrying. The airline, Kenya Airways, declined to disclose who shipped the monkeys, but said they were cancelling their subscription of providing their transport to assist the CDC.

Who is sending infectious lab monkeys to the CDC from tiny islands in Africa? And why are all parties involved so desperate to keep it a secret? Is this how the black site biological network traffics pathogens back to America? Using animals as vessels to hide biological weapon trafficking? The most damning evidence in Ukraine was found at veterinary clinics.

3) Monkeypox was originally discovered in experimental lab monkeys in Denmark in 1958 which were shipped from Singapore. The first human outbreak occurred in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12 years later in 1970, as a result an “intensified effort due to Smallpox vaccination”, by the United Nations. The WHO and CDC claim that since smallpox was mostly eradicated, monkeypox took the place in the niche opened up in The Congo. Needless to say I don’t believe them.

Keep in mind the US CIA played a SIGNIFICANT role in the warfare, assassinations, and military revolutions that took place in The Congo and all of central Africa in the 60s and 70s. They assisted Joseph Mobutu in a military coup, aka US CIA Colour Revolution. In November, 1970, The Congo held an “election” with only Mobutu’s name in the ballot. This also happened to be the same year that the monkeypox outbreak occurred, leading up to the election.

IMG_9306.JPGI don’t know if the outbreak and CIA involvement are connected, but some of the biggest players in the international biological network, the WHO, CDC and CIA, just seem to be hovering around all of the outbreaks in the world since the 1940s. Whether they be in Africa, Ukraine, China, the same entities are always involved and end up being the beneficiaries of the outbreaks.


Woman who helped monkeys in Pennsylvania crash experiencing health issues: report | Fox News




9 Responses to “Think this might be where the “monkey pox” came from???”

  1. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I think the narrative on this virus hoax will be that it doesn’t get that wide spread. I would think they’re going to have a string of “virus scares” to build up fear and thus support of the WHO treaty for world wide medical tyranny. Then – unless it’s stopped – they’ll launch the next big scamdemic and do as they please anywhere they want. We’ve got a preview of what they have in mind with their actions in China.

    As for what they’ll use it for (other than causing despair, destruction, sickness and death for people and businesses) they’ll probably get to work installing technocratic control equipment as well as having their so-called governments make all kinds of tyrannical changes to constitutions and centralize control of everything.

    For Sweden and Finland I fear that these new NATO victims will be heavily militarized and fortified during the WHO lockdowns and be used to invade Russia. Or else they’ll have Putin make a preemptive invasion. Same result either way.

    • Weaver says:

      I would like not to agree with you because it is so awful but I agree with everything you say. We are entering into an age of uncertainty and handing over individual sovereignty to a three-letter agency that has no interest in our health but complete control of our lives.

  2. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    The “virus scares” of course being based on the various effects of the various vaccine batches.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    This report, Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats: Results from the 2021 Tabletop Exercise Conducted in Partnership with the Munich Security Conference, written by Jaime M. Yassif, Ph.D., Kevin P. O’Prey, Ph.D., and Christopher R. Isaac, M.Sc., summarizes key findings from the exercise and offers actionable recommendations for the international community.

    Exercise Summary

    Developed in consultation with technical and policy experts, the fictional exercise scenario portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that first emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months. Ultimately, the exercise scenario revealed that the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and biosecurity provisions and weak oversight. By the end of the exercise, the fictional pandemic resulted in more than three billion cases and 270 million fatalities worldwide.

    Discussions throughout the tabletop exercise generated a range of valuable insights and key findings. Most significantly, exercise participants agreed that, notwithstanding improvements following the global response to COVID-19, the international system of pandemic prevention, detection, analysis, warning, and response is woefully inadequate to address current and anticipated future challenges. Gaps in the international biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architecture are extensive and fundamental, undermining the ability of the international community to prevent and mount effective responses to future biological events—including those that could match the impacts of COVID-19 or cause damage that is significantly more severe.
    Report Findings and Recommendations

  4. sovereigntea says:

    lite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” beginning in mid-May 2022.

      • sovereigntea says:

        Your welcome.

        No government can address the threat of pandemics alone – we must come together

        Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s joint article with other world leaders.

        Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street and The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
        30 March 2021
        nations should work together towards a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response. Such a renewed collective commitment would be a milestone in stepping up pandemic preparedness at the highest political level. It would be rooted in the constitution of the World Health Organisation, drawing in other relevant organisations key to this endeavour, in support of the principle of health for all.

        Existing global health instruments, especially the International Health Regulations, would underpin such a treaty, ensuring a firm and tested foundation on which we can build and improve.

        The main goal of this treaty would be to foster an all of government and all of society approach, strengthening national, regional and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics. This includes greatly enhancing international co-operation to improve, for example, alert systems, data-sharing, research and local, regional and global production and distribution of medical and public health counter-measures such as vaccines, medicines, diagnostics and personal protective equipment.

        It would also include recognition of a “One Health” approach that connects the health of humans, animals and our planet. And such a treaty should lead to more mutual accountability and shared responsibility, transparency and co-operation within the international system and with its rules and norms.

        As pointed out by MP Leslyn Lewis, the treaty would also allow the WHO to determine what a pandemic is and when one is occurring, even over something non-viral like an obesity crisis. This would effectively give the organization the authority to take control of member states’ healthcare systems whenever they feel necessary.

        “Of even more concern, if this treaty is enshrined, the WHO would be in full control over what gets called a pandemic,” Lewis wrote in a statement.

        “They could dictate how our doctors can respond, which drugs can and can’t be used, or which vaccines are approved. We would end up with a one-size-fits-all approach for the entire world… A one-size-fits-all response to a health crisis doesn’t even work across Canada, let alone the entire globe.”

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Dr. Chris Elias
    President, Global Development Division
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Sir Jeremy Farrar
    Wellcome Trust

    Dr. Michael Ryan
    Executive Director
    WHO Health Emergencies Programme

    Countries urged to develop pandemic preparedness and response treaty

    A senior official with the World Health Organization (WHO) has highlighted the need for a global treaty on pandemic preparedness and response, urging countries to “seize the moment” and support its development.

    Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the agency’s Emergencies Programme, delivered opening remarks at a UN General Assembly meeting on Wednesday where ambassadors were briefed by the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPPR).

    He spoke on behalf of the WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
    Strengthen global health security

    Dr. Ryan said one of the major gaps exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the lack of international solidarity and sharing, including sharing of pathogen data and epidemiological information, but also resources, technology and tools, such as vaccines.

    “That’s why the one recommendation that WHO believes will do most to strengthen both WHO and global health security is the recommendation for a treaty on pandemic preparedness and response,” he said.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    The Time To Prepare For The Next Pandemic Is Now, Says WHO Head Of Emergencies
    Posted January 20, 2022

    “There are other challenges down the line, and…we don’t have a system fit for purpose,” says Dr Mike Ryan, the WHO’s head of emergencies.