That blood drinking business

The history of vampires goes back 4,500 years BEFORE Bram Stoker ever put pen to paper.

If you can find it – there is a partly translated version of the ZOHAR BOOK OF LIGHT in English, published by Stamford University.

The ZOHAR was written by Rav Shimon bar Yochai – and in this series of books we see the full unedited version of the Bible – Adam did not have just one wife – there were four Eves and three of them were rejected and ended up becoming blood sucking vampires…

In fact, draining the fresh blood from babies and children was the main aim of the rituals described in hundreds of WITCH TRIALS in Europe. That fact has been largely suppressed by the mainstream media.

Normandy in France was infested with witches – some of whom crossed the English Channel from Devon and Cornwall to escape punishment. These witches would often concoct stews containing baby flesh and baby blood which was drank by the European aristocracy as a ‘medicine’. In fact, drinking human blood is thought to be an ‘Elixir of Life’ by many Illuminati members. Peasants used to gather at the gallows in Charring Cross, London, and drink the fresh blood from executed people.

For nearly 100 years, from  1564 to 1660, the Normandy parliament at Rouen burned hundreds of witches – both men and women – and very often, they were charged with selling blood taken from a baby or child.

Human blood, and ADRENOCHROME are international industrialised businesses – Adrenochrome can be ordered and delivered as a powder – that’s powdered blood – to your door, direct from China.

Verbatim court transcripts from this period in history show that all over Europe, thousands of babies and children were drained of their blood – some of the members of these vampire witch cults started their own schools, and colleges and some held positions of influence in the Royal Courts of Europe.

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