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Russia Exposes Jewish Roots and Zionist Support of Nazi Germany and Nazi Ukraine



Russian Foreign Minster Lavrov
Drops Nuclear Truth Bomb on
Zionist Israel and AshkeNAZIS 

Submitted by The Armchair Pundit
SOTN Exclusive

There’s no bigger skunk at the picnic these days than Russia.  And, there’s simply no stinkier skunk at a Tel Aviv garden party than Sergey Lavrov (see the screenshot of Google News top headlines for May 2, 2022 above).

Whenever Lavrov tells the truth about the Jewish roots and Zionist support of Nazi Germany, or the Russian Jewish oligarchs holed up in Jerusalem, or Zelensky’s Jewish ancestry and strong Nazi tendencies, or Netanyahu’s genocide of the Palestinians, Israel predictably gets its tights in a twist.

It’s entirely true that Israel will never tolerate hearing the truth that Adolph Hitler was the  grandson of a wealthy Austrian Rothschild scion.  Which makes him at least 25% Jewish… … … and a member of the Rothschild crime family.

Adolf Hitler Was a Rothschild and 25% Jewish
by His Paternal Grandfather

Now here comes Lavrov pointing out these heretofore hidden truths about Hitler and everyone in Tel Aviv gets their knickers in a knot.

Then, when Lavrov correctly states that Jewish Crisis Actor-in-Chief and Presidential Drama Queen Volodymyr Zelenskyy is overseeing the nazification of Ukraine, the Israeli Prime Minister goes ballistic, but not quite like Putin is going ballistic in the Ukraine.

What a flippin’ family feud this is.  Epic!
And it’s all comin’ out in the wash for the whole world to see
as the narcissistic megalomaniacs and warmongering psychopaths in
Israel hyper-react to every radioactive truth bomb dropped by Russia.

Top Tier German Nazis = AshkeNAZI Jews

Of all the coverups surrounding World War II, perhaps the most consequential is that Hitler’s Nazi regime was assembled by powerful AshkenNAZI Jews who were all hardcore Zionists.  After all, that’s where the pejorative term — NAZI — originated from because of the hardcore Zionist AshkeNAZI Jews who painstakingly set up the Nazi regime behind the scenes by installing one of their own, Adolph Hitler, as Führer in Berlin.

As a matter of historical fact, those very wealthy and influential AshkeNAZI Jewish bankers and businessmen, financiers and business magnates, capitalists and captains of industry, industrialists and merchants, attorneys and physicians, professors and scientists, etc. were not only all on board the train of Zionism, they formed the tightest conspiracy in world history.

The end goal of their conspiratorial plot was to establish the United Nations after World War II, which would then be used to unlawfully rubber stamp the founding of the Modern State of Israel after illegally forcing the Palestinians from their ancestral lands.

Germany’s Nazi regime was set up by these top-tier Zionist AshkeNAZI Jews so that the good religious Jews across Europe could be sufficiently scared to relocate to Palestine—POST-HASTE!  Which is exactly what they did.

Who would have ever known that their own name — AshkeNAZI — would hold the main clue to the primary WW2 back story, and especially to the “Final Solution” and The Holocaust.

So, when the Israeli Foreign Minister incorrectly stated that “Jews did not murder themselves in the Holocaust” he is speaking with forked tongue … and every Zionist leader in the world today knows it.

All we can say is: Go get ’em Sergey!  Drop those truth bombs all day long!

The Armchair Pundit
State of the Nation
May 2, 2022



2 Responses to “Russia Exposes Jewish Roots and Zionist Support of Nazi Germany and Nazi Ukraine”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, FOX and the BBC are all dens of deranged demons. That should be a given by now for any sentient individual. They have helped tear the West down brick by brick starting with the World Trade Center. Yet most Americans are still listening to them as they shriek their lies. It is hard not to believe that God himself will not be fighting at the side of Vladmir Putin…

    Below is an article that is making its way around the internet. It is the truth, just the type of truth that Americas new ministry of truth has been created to stamp out. Try to understand it and understand what must be done if America is to survive. Because I assure you we are no match for God…


  2. sovereigntea says:

    Otto Skorzeny was one of the most outstanding military men of the 20th century. His specialty was daring, guerrilla-style, commando raids.

    Skorzeny joined the Nazi Party in 1933 and became a colonel in the Waffen SS during World War II.

    Post WW2 Otto Skorzeny worked for Israel. According to an article published in Israeli daily Haaretz, Skorzeny was hired by Mossad in 1962 to kill German rocket scientist Heinz Krug

    Otto Skorzeny Funeral And Buring His Ashes 1975. Note the salutes