2 Responses to “Remember those fibrous clots that were coming out of people ? They seem to be alive and growing!”

  1. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    I’d advise caution about more outlandish supposed revelations and discoveries about the vax. They may be fabrications or exaggerations created and spread by intelligence agencies to mislead us and to get us to discredit ourselves by sharing it to others. It would be naive to not realize that intelligence agencies are working in many ways to deceive humanity about what they’re doing to us, including by having agents pretending to be on our side spreading lies and exaggerations about the vaccines.

    Confirmation bias tends to kick in when things come from “our side” and fit our own narratives and cause us to not think critically like we do about our enemies and that can cause us to be deceived. In this dystopian sci fi horror epic of a world we’ve awakened to find ourselves in, it becomes easy to believe even things that sound crazy. For those reasons, it’s even more important for us make a conscious effort to be vigilant, discerning and to think critically about what is or appears to be our side, and alleged facts and revelations therefrom, than we do about our enemies.

    Not saying this necessarily fake but it seems a little too fantastical for me to be comfortable passing it along without rock solid proof.

    Another red flag for me is the name of one of the anti vax research group “La Quinta Columna” which means the Fifth Column. It seems like they’re revealing something there with that name, no?

    • ian says:

      An excellent point Ash’. They will indeed be working overtime trying to dream up ways to get to us. Indeed, I have even played with the idea that the awake ie us are their biggest problem. Why kill all the sheeple and be left with awkward chaps and chapesses like us mottly crew. Difficult and dangerous times for us all. As I said, good comment to remind us all to be aware.