Manchester explosions and fire mystery. Putin hits another target?

Oldham fire: ‘Explosions’ heard as massive plumes of smoke fill night air in raging blaze

RESIDENTS in Oldham woke up to a massive fire as they heard “explosions” and saw heavy plumes of smoke filling up the air.

Oldham fire

Massive plumes of smoke fill night air as residents wake to raging blaze (Image: Twitter)

The huge blaze broke out at a commercial property on Barry Street, in Oldham, with more than 50 firefighters tackling the flames that can be seen for miles around the town.

Several videos and photos shared by locals on social media show heavy smoke in the air, leaving residents wondering what has caused the raging fire.

A twitter user The Boss Baddie tweeted: “What the hell is going on in #OLDHAM. Sounds like something massive is on fire. Mill collapse?”

Another twitter user Mohsin Hamid tweeted: “What is going on?? Just woke up to the sound of this fire.”

The user later added: “The smoke is literally reaching my window. The highlighted part is Tesco, so it’s not too far from there.”

Meanwhile others speculated the cause of the fire “near the big Tesco”.

One user, @mattjamestayl0r, wrote: “It’s a massive warehouse fire in Derker.”

The huge blaze can be seen for miles around Oldham and worried residents have been continuously sharing pictures of the fire on social media.

Crews reached the scene at around 2:15am, with around 50 fighters tackling the fire, it has been reported.

Government and Public Sector Journal tweeted: “Fire in Oldham spreading further. More appliances arriving. Explosions heard.”

It further tweeted: “Large fire in Oldham this morning. Fire service in attendance. Old mill and tile store.”

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service informed that ten fire engines from across Greater Manchester, as well as three aerial appliances and additional support vehicles, are attending the incident.

Local residents are being told to remain indoors by the fire brigade who say they are expected to be tackling the incident well into Saturday morning.

Giving an update, the fire service tweeted: “Over 50 firefighters are currently responding to a large fire at a commercial building on Barry Street.

“We expect to be here into the morning so please avoid the area while crews are working

“Local residents are advised to keep doors and windows closed.”

The crew confirmed that the incident involved a commercial building.

Incident Commander, Group Manager Ian Redfern, said: “In the early hours of the morning we were called to reports of a fire at a commercial building in Oldham.

“Fire crews arrived swiftly at the scene are working hard to prevent the fire spreading to neighbouring buildings. We expect to be dealing with the incident for some time.

“Road closures are currently in place. People are advised to avoid the area and residents should keep doors and windows shut.”

TAP – The fire in the tweet looks nothing like the fire featured in the Fire Service bulletins – of the Tile Shop with very little fire visible and a bit of smoke.
The building looks hardly damaged at all.  Yet the tweets and the picture on Twitter make the fire look bigger and more serious and they mention explosions.
Why would a Tile and Bathroom Showroom have explosions?
Does the news narrative match local reports?  I’ll keep checking.
If you watch the film shot at 3 am by Mohsin Hamid and posted on Twitter, in The Express online, the fire seems to have huge explosions which would be consistent with a depot of munitions.
Has the military started to hide its munitions after the RAF Welford attack?  It would make sense.
Russia can track munitions movements through its intelligence network, and target them even if hidden inside bathroom and tile centres….
Or maybe some genius has invented a new kind of bath that heats its own water, which unfortunately is prone to exploding.
Occams Razor says it’s more likely to be a Russian attack on some air missiles, or other munitions, on their way to Ukraine, but intercepted before embarkation.
It’s almost comic – if it wasn’t so serious.
Drivers think they are hauling over humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Poland, which they store over the weekend in a mate’s warehouse.  And it turns out to be something else inside the box….
Better to check next time before accepting the consignment…and not chat too much with anyone about where you are going next week.  You never know who’s listening in to your calls.
The Russians would pick that time of day to avoid casualties.  It is less likely to be an accidental triggering of the first explosion at that time of night.