Putin looks pretty healthy to me

Russia’s May 9th celebrations are totally impressive.   Why would Britain want a war with these excellent people?  They are well able to hurt us, which they will do, as we are acting to destabilise their world.

They issued an ultimatum to Britain and America on April 13th 2022 stating that if Britain and America continued to supply weapons and send soldiers to Ukraine, this could have ‘unintended consequences’ – a diplomatic phrase often associated with the threat of nuclear warfare.  This Russian ultimatum followed the setting on fire of the Moskva, the flagship of The Black Sea fleet, with an ‘unknown cause’ killing many sailors and destroying the ship.  Both Britain and America replied by return that they were indeed sending weapons and had soldiers in Ukraine helping the Ukrainians.

The following day RAF Welford blew up.

This was reported in the British media (Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Express) as a fireworks business blowing up in Westbrook in Newbury.  The event closed the M4 motorway and the smoke drove people indoors five miles away.


On the same day at approximately 1 am, a missile was shot down over the Powys/Shropshire border, witnessed by many people – as a fireball lighting up the night sky, accompanied by the sound of a large explosion and a sonic boom.  This was reported as a meteor strike, of which some pieces were ‘found’ in peoples’ gardens locally.  The missile that was destroyed by the plane as it slowed down approaching its target, was possibly targeted on the Knockin ‘electronic telescope’ which is one of the 7 e-Merlin radar detectors linked together by fibre optic cable.  One of the 7 is temporarily out of service near Manchester.  If these detectors are crippled, that would leave Britain vulnerable to a strike with a much larger missile.

These two reprisal attacks by Russia on Britain (there may have been others) were followed by numerous unexplained fires in Russia, one being at The Institute Of Military Research in Moscow, another building in the space research facility area, fires at gas terminal in Sakhalin island, at a base in Vladivostok, in forests and at oil terminals and weapon/oil depots in Briansk and Belgorod.  The cause of the fires was given as ‘unknown’ by Russia Defence Ministry.  The possibility was of retaliation via  a directed energy weapon operating from space.  These attacks may continue, but there appears to be a pause in the last few days.

There have meantime been numerous problems with flights over and near to British air space, with planes temporarily losing control of navigation and flight controls.  Russian jamming of Britain’s eavesdropping base at RAF Menwith is one possible cause.  The Daily Express has reported a series of 7700 squawks by flights, both military and commercial.

The people of Britain have not been told.  The dangers of meddling in Ukraine are considerable.  The war there has nothing to do with us.  We are simply mad to be bringing the threat of Russian missile technology to our shores.  There is only political party that wants to preserve peace and stop this meddling by Britain in Ukraine and elsewhere, and that is The English Democrats.   Support is growing.  There is no other choice as to how to stop the insanity of Johnson and his backers, and their dishonesty in lying to the people.