11 Responses to “Pfizer CEO says it’s their dream to reduce the population by 50 percent in 2023 !!”

  1. Gordon says:

    How can those clowns applaud such a thing when it sounds like premeditated murder to me. Don’t they realise they too are on that same hit list.

    Anyway, allow Alexa to expand a little further.


  2. danceaway says:


    This is the title of this video as posted on Phil Stone; when one listens, he was speaking in 2019. So he was predicting this to happen in four years, was he not? BY 2023? Am I missing something here?

  3. danceaway says:

    I have relistened as I am still curious; he does not speak terribly clearly, but he talks about their meeting in California in 2019 and setting their goals for five years, which should be 2024? But he thinks now it is becoming reality; and everyone claps……..but it does seem this was not a one year goal of which he was speaking.

  4. danceaway says:

    So whoever created the bit chute title created a very misleading title…..” in” and “by” have very different meanings.

    • Derek says:

      Given we are listening to people whose first language is not English, then whether Bourla says ‘in’ or ‘by’ is almost academic. What he said was ‘by 2023’. Clear enough to me.

      • Derek says:

        This video clip has been taken out of context. Waht Bourla actually said was: “In 2019 when we first met, in California, we had set up goals for the next five years. One of which was to reduce the number of people in the world who cannot afford our medicines by 50%. I think today that dream is becoming reality.” [Applause]
        This was stated at 2mins 46secs into the presentation.

      • ian says:

        The vaccine people make these videos Derek. To discredit people like us. Personally I wouldn’t piss on Bourla’s teeth if his gums were on fire.

  5. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Derek for clearing that up. Bitchute account “99Percent” should be blacklisted for ever

    37 second clips are always suspect I guess because they can never reveal any context and are easily manipulated like this one was

    It just proves that nothing is ever certain in ANY media, mainstream or alternative. Screen images and/or recorded sounds are NEVER real, by definition