Headlines for May 13, 2022 – Do They Plan to Starve Us Into Submission?

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Headlines for May 13, 2022 – Do They Plan to Starve Us Into Submission?

May 13, 2022


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Mike Adams –
Destroying the food supply is the PLAN: Australia trashes fresh avocados while infant formula shipped to US border as America’s own babies go hungry
Thousands of pounds of fresh avocados dumped in landfill as Australia accelerates global food destruction

This in the context of Australians being barred from growing food.



 18 Food Processing Plants Have Burned Down In The Last Several Months, And People Can’t Help But Wonder What On Earth Is Going On

Explanation of US Food Shortages – Deer, fish, pigs euthanized, crops not planted

New Controlled Food System Is Now In Place and They Will Stop at Nothing to Increase Control

The ultimate goal is to have every human being, every piece of food, resource, and product on this planet tracked and traced via blockchain.


Illegal immigrants get ‘pallets’ of baby formula amid shortage
Congresswoman: Another example of Biden’s ‘America last agenda’

Why is there a baby formula shortage. Simple. Your breast milk contains the vaccine. And they want you to give that to your baby.

Food shortages are a growing concern globally and have been exacerbated by a string of fires, plane crashes and explosions at nearly two-dozen food processing facilities across Canada and the US. And beyond North American food processing plants, there have been dozens more food processing facilities destroyed in fires and explosions in the last two years.



Food shortages in Europe
Tesco boss says he’s seeing food poverty for the first time in a generation.

depression.jpgNeil McCoy Ward Predicts They are Trying to Start another Great Depression
by raising interest rates. Inflation wasn’t really a problem but a mere half-point raise in rates has taken the air out of economic tires.
As if starvation, gratuitous war and vax poison weren’t enough.

Finland and Sweden to Join NATO

Swedish Reader—“Might as well also inform that both of the female prime ministers are globalists. The finish is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global leaders and our Swedish female idiot is a Bilderberger.”

You might use a net-translator to read two recent articles on the subject.

Nya Dagbladet (New Daily Paper)


Seven children now in Toronto hospital with severe hepatitis

A total of seven cases of severe hepatitis were detected in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) as cases in children spread world wide.

Public Health Ontario (PHO) said cases show “markedly elevated transaminases,” or liver inflammation, and will often display symptoms of jaundice and gastrointestinal issues in children up to 16 years of age. In each case, the presence of the known hepatitis viruses A through E have not been detected. Extreme cases could require a liver transplant.


SMOKING GUN: CDC Data Exposes Excessive Deaths Following Mass Covid Injections

Discrimination is OK if it is anti-white

Ottawa Police force seeks women or “racialized” candidates only

sowell-activism.jpgRed Guards?

The conspiracy is how modern life and specifically the public educational system lead young people to believe that their only worth in life is to be an activist.

Thailand providing free cannabis plants for home cultivation

Thailand’s public health minister, who has spearheaded the country’s drive to decriminalize cannabis, says the government will distribute 1 million of the plants free when most legal restrictions on production and possession of the drug are lifted next month.

Thai officials hope that a major new cannabis industry will blossom, not only generating hundreds of millions of dollars directly each year, but also attracting foreign tourists, who have only recently begun returning in large numbers after being largely absent during the coronavirus pandemic.


Costa Rica declares state of emergency over ransomware attack


36 cities chosen by WEF to chart a course towards the future.
Toronto is the only Canadian city on the list for this WEF experiment.


Justin Trudeau and his government have given the World Economic Forum nearly $3 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars over the course of a year.


Australian-children-dying.jpgUp to 10 April, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) received around 1,200 adverse reaction reports to Covid injections in children aged 5-11. The latest summary of adverse events was published by the TGA on 5 May 2022. It shows that 124,669 adverse events post-Covid injection have been reported – a rate of 2.2 per 1,000 doses.  Regarding Pfizer injections given to children the TGA states: “To 1 May 2022, we have received about 4,112 reports … in 12-17-year-olds.



Fury as Colorado teacher invites schoolgirl, 12, to after-school arts club that was actually a meeting about trans and queer identity: Kids were asked who they were sexually attracted to and told that it’s ok to LIE to your parents


Leading the West the nose
Church of England to apologize for anti-Jewish laws 800 years after their passing


Trudeau gov’t brings back nationwide gun registry with minor changes
‘Justin Trudeau said he would never enact a long-gun registry and today he is breaking that promise to Canadians,’ the Conservative Party said in a statement.


derek-sloan.jpgTwitter bans Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan over Covid tweet

Permanent ban.

Replying to a tweet, Sloan wrote: “Their next move will be to rebrand the symptoms of COVID vaccine injury as ‘long COVID.’


Physician Who Witnessed Interrogation of Rakovsky During Trotskyite Trials, Lifted the Veil of the Global Crime Syndicate


Gun smugglers using drone to cross Canada-U.S. border thwarted by Yorkshire terrier named Pepper