Great history class. Who’s behind the bear-baiting? Keep the movie going. What choice does Putin have?

Dean Henderson in a wide-ranging discussion about the conflict in Ukraine, what is it really all about, who is behind it.

Dean says it really is a war on our humanity by the “Crown” and the ancient blood lines.

Get back to nature, get one with nature and fight like hell to preserve your humanity.

Outside of Europe, US, Canada, China there is no support for Zelensky.

India signing deals with China in Yuan.  G20 rising and the global south.  Saudi Arabia has called off the dogs in Yemen.

We’ve reached the pinnacle of international capitalism.  Dollar will stay strong.  Stock market will crash.

The oligarchy has the western population by the balls.  The pinnacle of corruption, of the reach of the oligarchy has been reached.

Now the rest of the world has had enough.

The Anglo-American alliance does not include the British and American people – only the oligarchs at the top.

Commet from

Uncle Buildy –

American and indeed most Western media consumers in our present generation have been raised on TV.

Since they were toddlers, they learned to suspend their critical thinking, and identify with the designated hero. They ignore the cheesy special effects, and technically impossible events. It’s a movie, right? It is a show. The nightly news broadcasts have morphed into a kind of mixed reality detective series where viewers are encouraged to root for the provided good guys and boo the baddies. Full length popular films, and now even video games in conjunction with approved and promoted YouTube videos serve as narrative support.

Big tech, Hollywood, and the financial conglomerates that own them as well as big media are deceiving the lazy, unthinking viewer that they are getting the same set of prejudices and images from different sources, when in reality the sources are all part of a system. How much of this system was engineered purposefully, and how much is just the result of degeneracy and corruption is hard to tell, but it is a system in either case, and it has had it’s effect.

For nearly forty years, (A full generation.) we have seen images of Russians all living in dark abandon looking concrete buildings. We’ve seen them always portrayed as drunken savages that are all criminally insane and incapable of thinking rationally. Over and over Americans see the show where the plucky little underdog fights off the big mean unreasoning monster, often with help from Vin Deisel, Bruce Willis, Arni Schwarzenegger, the A team, or some other over the top boogie-van load of narcissistic assholes. It is not real.

I think deep down inside the American public know this, but they seem to be programed to go along with it.

They will shush you if you try to tell them they are screaming at an image of a guy in scuba gear inside a rubber shark. “Shhhh! You’re ruining the movie!” They will tell you your concerns are unwarranted. They are nobodies’ fool. They know it is just entertainment. But why, you ask, did they stop going to the beach?

Entertainment has its effects. And the effects have real consequences.

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2 Responses to “Great history class. Who’s behind the bear-baiting? Keep the movie going. What choice does Putin have?”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you for all this, Tap. It is amazing. Warrants listening more than once to take it all in.

    To describe it “wide-ranging” is an understatement!

    The comment from Uncle Buildy is so true. Except I do not agree that the people see it is a movie. The programming is too complete. It is their reality, and they will do all they can to discredit anyone suggesting otherwise.

    I think most British are similarly as deluded.

    • ian says:

      Great description danceaway, of both the post by Tap, and the British general public.