Euro PLUNGES at open. More UKR Troops surrender and REFUSE TO FIGHT – iEarlGrey update

771 militants trapped at Azovstal surrendered in 24 hours The Ministry of Defense announced the surrender of 771 militants from Azovstal in a day:

Medvedev spoke about the consequences of the ban on paying foreign debts in foreign currency:

About half of Russian gas importers have already opened accounts with GPB for payment in rubles:


More updates from inside Russia as events unfold.

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2 Responses to “Euro PLUNGES at open. More UKR Troops surrender and REFUSE TO FIGHT – iEarlGrey update”

  1. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    This is what I see as one way the globalist Ukraine war hoax can fail. There is next to no real patriotism among “Ukrainians” as they are not a people; not even a true nationality. They are several separate ethnic groups (mostly Russians and Kosacks) and their so-called country is a political construct foisted upon them by Germany, in 1918 (which was, by then, already heavily infested by freemasons.)

    Ukrainian have, as such, never been very patriotic and in earlier conflicts there has been a distinct unwillingless to fight for their so-called country. Now there should be even less as surely many have become aware of the nature of their government; that it’s a Jewish globalist puppet government installed by the US, after a coup, to do their bidding.

    Even with full control of media and institutions of power and influence, it should still be a hard sell to push patriotism on a “people” that’s never actually been a people in a country that’s not a real country. Attempts to instill patriotism have never been very successful before (AFAIK) and even with all the propaganda of the last eight years, I’m sure many still remembers the truth about Ukraine.

    Even if they’re decieved by Ukraininan nationalist propaganda and even if they’re Kosacks who are brainwashed to hate Russians they could still learn and realize the truth about their government. If they do realize that their government is an occupation regime, then why fight to stop another one at the cost of death and destruction with nothing to gain?

    I think the only ones truly willing to fight to the death for this “country” and regime are the brainwashed nationalist (nazi) troops and as those run out (RIP, poor fools) maybe the puppet government will find their stream of willing cannon fodder drying up. And what then? Force hundreds of thousands of unwilling troops to fight? I don’t see how and I think that would risk them taking up arms against the government. Hopefully that will happen either way. Same on the Russian side as they have the same kind of Jewish occupation regime, serving the same Talmudist Jewish (satanic, tyrannical, supremacist, anti human, genocidal) international oligarchy and aristocracy. The evidence is just overwhelming.