1. Tapestry says:

    The best there is. The snake biting your immune system. Your stomach your navy. Your skin your air force. Your mouth and nose your infantry. How people still trust the medical system is beyond all belief. The power of the media the most awful thing. The television is the most dangerous device in your home. It makes you trust doctors and feel sorry for Nazis.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes the tv is the most insidious device ever invented. It lulls most folk into thinking that, having seen the image then, they know the reality. This is nonsense of course because all tv images are still just pixels on a bit of glass, they are not real, they prove NOTHING

    Most folk KNOW that images can easily be manipulated, or shown out of context, too. But they seem to file this knowledge under “fiction only”

    The authoritative looking, but usually dumb-as-shit, plastic, talking heads on tv just lie direct to their face, and show images totally out of context. But this is filed under “fact”

    It is so frustrating, trying to wake up a mainstream normie believer is almost impossible. So much so that I usually give up. It has to come from within, from self knowledge, and thinking for yourself. Twas ever thus

    Interestingly I found it easier with some normies during covid. The fallacies and illogicalities were so obvious during the psyop that less thinking was required for some folk. So I had some good success within my own family which was very, very, pleasing for me. It lightened the load somewhat and put us on the same page

  3. ian says:

    Tap and pete, I couldn’t agree more about TV. I have changed personally now. I rarely try to change minds, as from experience, it rarely works and more often backfires. It is very difficult though, as many are really smug and sure of their fictional beliefs.

  4. danceaway says:

    One of the purposes of lockdown, to get people more addicted to TV? I can go for a walk in the evening and there is not a soul around; all in front of their TVs.

    And I agree, I do not try to change people’s minds either, for the same reasons. I just listen, and if they are feeling ill, I suggest Vitamin D and leave it at that.