Congress debates the $40 billion for Ukraine

The West is bankrupting itself to send tens of billions to Ukraine while Americans have no baby formula, and US infrastructure is collapsing.  The Republicans try to adjourn but are outvoted.  Poland chimes in against Russia.  Alex Christoforou gives the details of the Ukrainian money laundry.

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One Response to “Congress debates the $40 billion for Ukraine”

  1. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    How generous of them to give 40 billion dollars of tax payer money (or whatever is left after it gets looted along the way) to their own puppet regime to aid in their (Zionist) war of destruction and genocide against the locals and their cultural heritage.

    The puppet government probably could have gotten along without it had the Western (Jewish/Talmudist) elites not looted the country of all its gold reserves. But of course that had to be done as they can’t stand any goyim country or people owning anything.