Chinese news (Jennifer Zheng) got proof via a smuggled recording, as I have said in the past, that China is going to a wartime economy

About a month ago I was talking a lot about how the lockdowns in China were being done so that the general population would not notice that the factories were being switched over to wartime production.

UPDATE: ALL TIME FRAMES REFERRED TO ARE APRIL 18, WHICH MEANS WHEN I WAS SAYING THEY DID THE LOCKDOWNS AS A PRELUDE TO WAR, I WAS RIGHT. It took a while for this to get smuggled out of China and Jennifer got it posted at least a month after I concluded what I did. Everyone ought to remember me saying the lockdowns were for war preps and here we have it, they even say the Covid protocols will work for this.

Once again I say it and it gets confirmed a long time later. If Jennifer says China is now moving to a wartime economy, China is and that’s all there is to it. She has all the connections in China that anyone could ever want.

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