Censored on Youtube. Scott Ritter still up on Bitchute. Putin is happy to be rid of the West, and he’s pivoting East to China. Ukrainians are Russia’s brothers.

Russia is crushing Ukraine.  Nuclear WW3 is not going to happen.  Putin feels the loss of Russian lives, but cares nothing about the West.  He and most Russians are happy to get divorced from the West, they are tired of dealing with the arrogance and psychopathy of the Western hegemon.  The West has now totally lost all support within Russia.  Putin has never been stronger politically.  He’s not fighting a war against the Ukrainian people.  he wants NATO and the Nazis out of it.  Slavs killing Slavs gives Russians no pleasure whatsoever.  Ukrainians are brothers.  This is a very tough war for Russia.


Regis Tremblay’s interview with Gene Marx is also of interest.  None of us counts for much, says Regis but together we can make a difference.  Stick with it.  Those who control the narrative control the world.  We have to change the narrative.