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3 Responses to “British troops start emerging from Avozstal”

  1. ian says:

    During the Iraq war, the US used white phosphorous, “willy pete, or Whiskey Pete”, was the term used for it, and it was illegal as a weapon. It could legally be used to create smoke but not as a weapon. I therefore wonder if these Russian rockets are legal, other than to destroy infrastructure and ordinance. Any military guys out there?

  2. Tapestry says:

    The US used phosphorus on civilians, as with napalm in Vietnam.. Russia has offered surrender many times, and extracted all the civilians. They need to clear the steelworks of the remaining forces. They could gas them like rats I suppose using tear gas as that would be legal. Burning the place down seems like a humane option, as they are living underground in bunkers designed to survive nuclear war and will not be affected. A real DUMB place to hang out – Deep Underground Military Base. The orders not to surrender are the problem but NATO doesn’t want its generals to be paraded. The surrendering British say they are surprised by the high intensity of the war. Russia is a different kind of opponent to Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans or Syrians. The Ukrainians are using highly entrenched positions that are very hard to take without flamethrowers and phosphorus rockets. Russia has declared an intention take the Peoples Republics of the Donbas – Luhansk and Donetsk, and secure Crimea. You would think Ukraine would let Russia have that limited objective and save tens of thousands of their army from pointless deaths. But the Zelensky Jewish government doesn’t care for the Ukrainian people. Jews controlling NAZI formations dictating to ordinary Ukrainians is a very tough nut to crack. The British are in there ‘advising’ so I guess we are controlled by Jews and Nazis as well…Boris the Jew? Wallace and Gromit and all.