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Brian Berletic’s 11 May Update for Russian Military Operations in Ukraine

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Update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for May 11, 2022: -Russia celebrated Victory Day (May 9) with respect and dignity – without a need for flaunting “victory” in Ukraine; -Canceled flyover was due to weather and has happened in the past, including as recently as 2017; -For perspective, Russia was to fly 77 aircraft over Moscow which is more aircraft than Ukraine now has in its entire airforce; -Ukraine’s desire for a symbolic victory resulted in a disastrous operation around Snake Island and a costly “advance” around Kharkov versus Russian troops merely performing fixing operations; -Pentagon admits Russian progress continues in the Donbas, however “slow and uneven;” -Even Ukraine’s General Staff admits Russia continues on the offensive in the Donbas; -Russia takes Popasnya, constituting a major breakthrough of the line of contact in the Donbas; -Russia will continue focusing on Donbas while holding positions elsewhere in Ukraine; -Once Donbas is secured, the next area of focus will be targeted (for example Kharkov, Nikoliev, Odessa); -This systematic approach is precisely how Russia and its allies retook Syria’s major population centers from 2015 onward;